Anthony’s Pickups for 5/22/20 Slabs, Grails, Pre-Code Horror, Toys

Anthony from shares his pick ups for this week. Some raw keys, some slabs, a pre-code horror classic, and some sweet Funko/Super 7 Reaction figures including some Misfits figures



35 thoughts on “Anthony’s Pickups for 5/22/20 Slabs, Grails, Pre-Code Horror, Toys”

  1. Avengers #57! Nice! One of the books I still need to get but ever time I am about to pull the trigger something else gets in the way.

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    1. Dude. My toy wall is awesome. It’s in a state of flux right now because I got in more toys and need to make space. I have had the green screen wall for a while. Use it for my sons school reports, we do them as videos as his teacher is a youtuber (pretty big teacher’s blogger) and she really likes when he does the videos.

      1. You should add a background that makes it look like you own action comics #1, detective comics 27, amazing fantasy 15 and other grails all in 9.8 Condition!

        Might lose some credibility though…

        1. I finally mastered green screen and how to even it out. My early attempts were never good. This one is pretty seemless, minus the green in the comics of toys going clear.

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                2. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to ship your car back to the mainland. Selling at a bargain price is still likely saving them money.

      1. It was a kick starter. That is correct. I think the kick starter had a limited window for orders if you didn’t find the book. But that may be closed now. The Peach Momoko cover is selling for $50 currently.

    1. This cover makes me wanna slap my mama. 😍

      For those unfamiliar with the game, this will be a continuation of the story where the game left off.

    2. No need to order that from an online retailer. I believe that Momoko book should be available to order at your LCS.

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