Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book(s) for 5/25/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

So yesterday we mentioned Black Mourning After #3 Peach Momoko variant was seeing some nice pre-sale action. You guessed it, this weeks FOC highlight winner is another Peach Momoko variant but this one is a 1:25 ratio for an upcoming James Tynion book coming out of BOOM! Studios.

Originally set to be a graphic novel, WYND #1 is now a single issue series to start off.

So this highlight pick goes to WYND #1 Momoko Variant which at time of writing, already seeing sales around the $50 range and listing as high as $100 asking price from a few sellers, some single and some listed as the variant + 25 copies of WYND #1.

Good luck trying to nab for cheap. Maybe you can get your shop to pre-order but they’ll either make you pay for the 25 copies to qualify or discount the copies. I’m sure most are willing to work out if you want to try and nab this book for cheap. If not, you’ll get stuck at the secondary market price more than likely.

The other pick is yes, another Momoko Variant for Crow Lethe #2 which is also on FOC this Monday the 25th. She did the cover for Issue #1 (not a lot of heat but some recent solds for the regular cover A she did still seeing some sales of double cover) while she is also doing a cover for Crow Lethe #3 (which is still up for pre-order, FOC in a few weeks) for the 3 issue mini-series.

Crow Lethe #2 (of 3) (Cover A - Momoko)

That’s all for this week. What are you pre-ordering for FOC this Monday May 25th, 2020?

19 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book(s) for 5/25/2020”

  1. sad lemon did a sketch variant and a trade dress variant of the momoko. boom letting people kill any spec before book even hits shelves

  2. Got an email from 7ate9 comics selling this cover for $20. Also have a sketch virgin variant for a little more. Are you sure it’s not just a store variant?

    1. WYND Virgin Momoko is the 1:25 variant. The one for $20 isn’t a Virgin but a variant. There is also the Secret sketch variant, but it’s also not going to be nearly as hot as the 1:25; the 1:25 is going to carry the heat in my opinion.

  3. 7 ate 9 is a trade dress and sketch I think they’re both store exclusives. Also Sanctum Sanctorum comics has them cheaper

  4. Slab City in the UK has the cover also along with the Sketch. Are these exclusive store variants and if so which store?

    1. It would appear that the ‘exclusive’ part of these store variants does not seem that exclusive. At least 4 shops are selling the same ‘exclusive’. None of the 4 stores mention a print run. The 1:25 will be plentiful given that so many stores have these ‘exclusive’ variants, as all the shops will qualify for the 1:25 with their ‘exclusive’ orders.
      I wonder if Boom would have the same variants for sale directly from their website.

  5. I don’t get why the sudden Peach craze she draws like my 9 yo who is semi talented at drawing. Wouldn’t get any purchase from me but to each their own.

    1. She’s hit or miss in my mind. Other than her spider-Gwen cover a few. In this back nothing from her has really struck me as awesome. But people want something different these days besides all the Mattina, Ross and Dell’Otto stuff.

      I prefer Lotay or Aja. Wish they’d do more covers of popular books.

    2. Exactly, Alana. Her art is terrible. Very amateurish.
      Store variant shops need something to pump and sell……
      People will look back and shake their head as to why they bought her covers.

      1. Can you do better? I wouldn’t call it amateurish since its making its way into major publisher covers. I don’t like all her work but I do like some, like D-Rog said, its hit or miss for me as well. But, please do share some of your own artwork for us to all judge.

        For me, art is subjective and comes in many forms. I try to remind myself before getting to abrasive in criticism, could I do it any better? Just a thought.

  6. mamoko is a female artist and if their female and they have any talent whatsoever, they are usually over hyped….they usually are have one certain style they do well and they do it over and over

    1. As do male artists… There are just as many males that get hyped up as well. I fail to see your point mentioning she’s female. It goes both ways.

    2. I also just looked up the word sexist in the dictionary and they already updated it with your comment right next to it as the perfect example of being a sexist. So, perhaps, you can tone it down a notch. Thanks.

    3. Jesus Murphy. How wildly ignorant and inappropriate of you, comicbookhustle. Your mother must be so proud of the man you have become. Smh. You bring nothing to the table, comicbookhustle. Do us all a favour and keep your hate speech out of our hobby sites, thank you.

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