Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 119

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. Hope you are all well and safe. Thanks for reading this each and every week . Before we make the money on comics allow me to point out a few things. First off Deceased the Unkillables #3 was awesomesauce. I also enjoyed Gwenpool strikes #1-5, all the DC digital comics  and Batman the Maxx #1. Stargirl is now my new favorite show on TV. Just love the vibe of the show, it is fun as hell. Let the Stargirl cosplay begin. Shows like Batwoman, Katie Keen, Harley Quinn, and Rick and Morty remain amazing and with the time to watch them, Pizza Hut is boss. Now lets make money with comics cause you can’t teach that

1. JSA #68 – Stargirl is a fun young female hero. I hope the show waits until season four or beyond to do anything with this very sad issue. Spoilers in this issue, Courtney’s family all of them get murdered. It is a cheap issue and I believe all JSA issues can see a bump due the show. Come on people, join me in the CW speculation $1-5

2. Detective Comics #846 and 847 – this is the heart of Hush story.  It ran from Detective Comics #846-850. #850 is the first Gotham City Sirens. However for folks enjoying the Batwoman show, Tommy Elliot, AKA Hush, just received Bruce Wayne’s face which happens in 847. Not sure who will replace Ruby Rose as Batwoman/Kate Kane. I would love Maitland Ward from Boy Meets World or Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale or even Brenda Hillebrandt from Deadpool to play her. Don’t forget Tommy Elliot is revealed to be Hush in Batman #619.  Go for the second print as there are three covers for that book. Hush returns in Batman Gotham Knights #60 in a storyline called payback. Gotham Knights #72-75 is Hush vs the Joker. Hush will be the big bad of Batwoman season two.  So go make the money on Hush today $3-10

3. Starman #80 – Jack Knight gives Courtney the cosmic staff. Stargirl is going to be major #testify $10

4. Detective Comics #854 Photo Cover Dollar Reprint – did you hear the news? Ruby Rose has quit Batwoman. This book is key for Batwoman fans. First Alice, Kate’s sister, best villain on TV period. First appearance of Jacob Kane, Kate’s father, and a Ruby Rose photo cover just, a great book for the collection, great for Signature Series grading. Rachel Skarsten is appearing, if it happens, at Planet City Comicon in Kansas in August. The dates are August 14th-16th but this book will only cost a few bucks and will go up in value $5-10

5. Marvel Treasury Edition #28 – Superman and Spider-man team up. Everyone is clamoring for a cross company crossover. It would be a blast, a party, so I wanted to spotlight the second time Superman and Spider-man fought side by side. This also features the Hulk Wonder Woman. It had a pocket sized paperback and is just plan fun. I can still remember the Hanukkah/Christmas where my best friend Katie gave me cookies, a kiss, and this comic. Those were the days days when you didn’t have to stay six feet apart. Days when you could go to a school. I miss those days $20 and up

6. Amazing Spider-Man #171– I love this issue. It was the first comic I ever bought or had bought for me. It is a team up with the man called Nova. All things Nova are hot, hot, hot. Mickey Mouse wants to play with his Nova toys and movie news spikes back issue prices, but this classic Spiderman book has a special place in my heart $10 up

7. Nightside #1-4 – Everyone got nuts for the Bloodstone series, which is cool, and they use her a lot, but this beauty has long since been forgotten. Its a great story, child character, cool design, and has never been used again. Would love for old Donny Cates to bring her back. This book has a tiny print run but issues sell for about $3.

Well I didn’t sleep well last night. Going to take a nap. Have a great and blessed week stay safe and be well until next time
blind adam out

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  1. I assume Alice will take the mantle of the Bat it makes the best sense and least damage to the show . Since the end of the crisis all Earths are merged so you could have a good Alice on the same Earth as the bad one. Or the bad one could be redeemed after the death of her sister etc…..

  2. Hey BA! I do a top 5 #NerdCulture702 things on a FB Live show called Goin’ Rogue with Steve Johnston from Rogue Toys in Las Vegas each week. I’m going to feature your article this week in it. Check it out every Thursday at 7pm. He also interviews different people throughout the nerd community with some awesome guests. It’s all fun. Hope you can tune in brother.
    Barney from ShimpSonS ComicS

    1. I just bought a fake Frostmourne on eBay for $200 three days ago after watching the guy from Rogue Toys on Pawn Stars say most will be happy with a knockoff on the wall. It has the laser engraving and stamp on the blade the knockofff makers must of watched that episode too.

      1. Yo yo… What’s up to my favorite BA since Baracus? Loving all the JSA stuff. Putting together a 9.8 set of those Alex Ross covers on JSA and Justice society America. Digging the nightside call… Also brought up Terror Inc. from Epic Illustrated on my show not too long ago which I think could be a similarly sneaky book. If you enjoyed DCeased, give Suicide Squad a try. That whole Starman you say..Awesomesauce. much love, my comic brother! The DeSPECtive out! 💪

  3. thankyou barney,thank you all for the love and surport.maitland is a friend of mine .yes I know she does porn but so fing what?porn is a great art form.#testify.look at assclowns like kim Kardashian kim Kardashian can’t act her way out of a paper bag but she has a empire why the best hidden secret in Hollywood a sex tape. sex sells everyone is buying cause it is the American way and yes it is alos a fantasy of mine to see maitland in a batwoamn costume google her star wars cost play and tell me I am wrong
    maitlands cost play is #awesomesauce.go ahead disagree with me I don’t care porn and sex work is a great carrer and a honorable profession we pay our taxes don’t hurt anyone but all we get is hate why o.k. I am now off my soaup box love you guys blind adam out.

    1. I don’t think he was hating on her doing porn, I think he was saying that he can’t see the networks hiring an active porn star to act in a roll on a network tv show. A bit of an over reaction there Adam.

    2. Also remember while you want people to be respectful of your views on the industry there will be others with an opposing view. You need to be respectful of that as well.

    3. Not to stir the pot but I wouldn’t say porn itself is art, if it is, I wouldn’t say it’s “great” art. Now, there’s nudity that can be perceived as a type of art but I’d say most porn is not “great” art. Porn is to film art as McDonald’s is to fine dining. Sure, everyone indulges from time to time but they don’t go around proclaiming it.

      Also, paying taxes doesn’t auto qualify one’s choice of profession as “honorable” in my opinion. I mean, if I decide to become a drug dealer or hit-man (only for the really bad people out there) who just happens to continue paying my taxes, is my profession now considered honorable?

      Now, this is a comic book site. Not a porn talking site. If you want to defend the porn industry, perhaps there’s plenty of other sites out there for such talk. Maybe is available to register..

        1. $ whois
          No match for domain “PORNHEATINGUP.NET”.
          >>> Last update of whois database: 2020-05-27T01:29:10Z <<< Nope, not registered..

  4. I completely disagree on the Detective Comics Reprint. The only reason it will see any heat is because of this article. It’s a reprint first of all and it was printed a long time after the initial 1st Printing. Its also has a photo of the former star. As well it’s on The CW which deals the deal for me.

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