Wednesday Winners

Hey new comics are back and with it some Wednesday Winners. It is nice to have books popping right off the bat on a Wednesday, check them out below!

The surprise winner of the week is Marvel Action Avengers #10. This issue features the first appearance of the Yellow Hulk. (Not sure why my favorite Hulk, Blue Hulk who first appeared in Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #37 hasn’t taken off). Anyway, this IDW published Marvel comic has a crazy low print run and has taken off today. The regular has hit as high as $45 and the variant at $60.

Blackwood Mourning After #3 Peach Momoko Cover is still doing well, under cutters have moved in and copies have sold below $18 with free shipping. Still, sell, sell, sell.

26 thoughts on “Wednesday Winners”

  1. Diamond’s shipping is weird. I got my 10-copy incentive of MAA 10, but didn’t receive any of my regular covers. Weren’t on the invoice. And they aren’t on next week’s invoice either. This may be one of those where there are more copies coming down the line if my situation isn’t unusual.

  2. Yellow Hulk is Banner so🤷‍♀️not like Red Hulk and there has been a few other real new character 1st appearances in those books and guess no one flipped through one until today:

  3. Green Hulk, Red Hulk, Yellow Hulk, Purple Hulk, Green Lantern, Pink Lantern, Purple Lantern, Red Lantern, Magenta Lantern, Lady This, Old Man That….. such originality by changing the color and/or gender of an established character – my cup runneth over.

  4. Wow that Marvel Action Avengers #10 is really heating up. In the UK new comics didnt have them all and that was one missing. Maybe out next week if I’m lucky.

  5. OK .. once you think you’ve seen it all ..

    What about Yellow Spider-Man or just generally yellow Avengers .. ?? -;)

    1. I wouldn’t say there is a first cameo costume designation it’s just first costume. So you’re right #9 would be better since it’s just a yellow costume change for Hulk and not a new character.

  6. Best stay away there’s paperback copies print to order for all these from Amazon just like most children comics.

  7. I could say something about Amadeus Cho……but it might come across the wrong way, and I don’t want to offend anyone.

  8. It’s a slow spec week.. err.. slow spec months.. people need something to spend their money on cause it’s clearly burning holes in their pockets.

    When are we getting Rainbow Hulk? That’s gonna be the real money maker..

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