Spoilers: Venom #25 – Eddie Learns Dylan Has Powers + Cameo

Venom #25 is hitting stores tomorrow (except the few that apparently got delays with their shipments). And here are the spoilers for this big issue that concludes Venom Island.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unseen them. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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23 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #25 – Eddie Learns Dylan Has Powers + Cameo”

    1. Yes and do we really need to explain why? It is indeed pretty sad we have to resort to watermarking spoiler images from time to time because all too often we find our very spoiler images being used by other sites and groups being passed as their own, without any mention that they got the news and image from CHU. When we report news we found from other sites, we source them and link back to them as it’s the proper thing to do. So until other groups and sites start doing the same when they rip off images directly from CHU, you’ll see watermarks on spoiler images from time to time. It’s hard to say it’s yours when the image has “comicsheatingup.net” splattered across it, right? We have clean versions too, want a clean version for your site, well ask.. we’ll provide as long as you give due credit.

      Also, if this bothers you that much (since you took the time to comment), you should find some new priorities in life if you ask me.

  1. And sorry for the glares on some of the images. Our source apparently doesn’t have the bathroom stall walls to shield most of the light on the pages.. like when Anthony is snapping pics. 😉

  2. So now will Venom Spider-Man FCBD or Venom 26 hit first. One of those should be a first full on Virus I would think.

    Not sure about this issue. Let the disagreement begin on cameo.

      1. Any retailer variants will not be sought after by a large part of the comic collecting community. If Venom 25 pops, the retailer summit variant would be the book to have, imo.

        1. I have to disagree. Like you say when anyone mentions a store variant, 3000 print run.

          1. Regardless of what happens to any of the Virus books on the secondary market, store variants are always at a disadvantage because there is a large sect of the comic book collecting community who don’t view store variants as real comic books. With ‘real comics’ meaning that they don’t buy them, they don’t collect them and they don’t even consider them. Smaller market = less demand

            1. Ok whatever you say. Also I thought logos on comics was a no no for you. Atleast that was your story regarding PX logos.

              1. Also I’m not going to respond to you anymore, but I’ll add this for the community to determine jclu relevance.

                Per jclu unless you buy a book that is not a store variant, you are buying a fake comic book. No matter the type, or cover art, it’s fake because he says so.

                Also if you get in an argument about it, he will claim they are no good because they have a 3000 print run.

                When confronted with the idea that a book he likes also has a 3000 print run, he will deflect and claim it’s because their fake and it gives a bunch of collectors the boo hoos.

                When you say you like a book with a PX logo on it. He will offput at the idea that anyone would like such a thing. Yet when confronted with the logo on a book he likes I’m sure he will create a way to make it ok.

                My suggestion to anyone reading would be to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

            2. That is a very eloquent response, Rick, however unnecessary, as we were not discussing my personal preference. I simply stated that I think the Retailer Summit variant for Venom #25 will be the book to own, if the market chooses said issue, for Virus.

              A smaller market for retailer variants is not my opinion, it is fact. Smaller market = smaller demand is economics 101, whether I say so or not. ✌️

  3. is that character on the right in front of Knull’s head the character ‘Virus’? He doesn’t look particularly original.

  4. Looks like issue 26 isn’t out till end of July. Will be interesting if they push out the FCBD book first. Thoughts?

    1. Also we should probably stop calling it FCBD. Because you want be getting it for free. Lol

    2. Are they even going to release this supposed Spider-Man/Venom FCBD book? Seems even FCBD website doesn’t even list any Marvel books. I’m willing to bet Venom #26 hits stands before FCBD issue does.

      1. I have no clue if they will her not. I know they said that they were delaying until summer. They have really muddied the water on this virus character.

        Possible Cameo #25
        Store variant first cover
        #26 second cover possible first full
        FCBD who knows what

        All joking aside I think some people will be able to get those FCBD books for free. Also some may mysteriously teleport behind the counter. Lol

        I does upset me though that there is one retailer selling them on eBay for 19.99. I was under the impression that retailers had to wait a specific amount of time, post release, to charge for them.

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