DC Connect: Punchline Takes Center Stage (and Covers) on Upcoming DC Titles

DC announced back on May 22nd that they would stop doing print copies of DC Previews (well there was a sign right there) and move to an online catalog called DC Connect. Retailers were not too thrilled with this decision as they said I would be harder to sell copies of the comics without being able to give customers copies of the previews catalog for customer’s to order books of interest. Well, there are certainly a few books featured in DC Connect of interest that people should take note of. Several featuring Punchline on the cover

First up is Harley Quinn #75. This is the last issue in the series, has Punchline squaring off against Harley. And features Punchline on the Frank Cho cover. Fan favorite artist, fan favorite character, last issue of the series, and the hot new character Punchline.  Again, a lot going for it.

Another Punchline cover to be in the near future is Red Hood Outlaw #48. Another Joker War crossover. Red Hood isn’t one of the “heavily ordered” Bat-Family books and could turn out to be harder to find later. Jason Todd considers retiring the Red Hood identity and gets a visit from a special Bat-Family member.

Not Punchline related but the return of an awesome artist. When Stephen Platt hit the scenes doing covers for Moon Knight, people went nuts. I cannot think of another cover or art he has done in the past 10 years. S.Platt provides an awesome B cover for Batman’s Grave #9 .


If you want to check out the full catalog, you can see it HERE.


3 thoughts on “DC Connect: Punchline Takes Center Stage (and Covers) on Upcoming DC Titles”

  1. Interesting that comic book store owners say hard copy previews interest readers about up n coming stories. Personally, I love picking up the free Comic Shop News. Those will continue, right? And readers don’t think previews are legit first or cameo apps anyway, so if DC chooses not to print previews anymore, I don’t think it hurts anyone. Besides, people find out thing faster on the web! Much like how people say Overstreet is outdated.

    1. I never bother with free previews most of the time. I use to pick up Comic Shop News but meh, everything I see in these I’m already seeing in advance or daily when looking online. I think it’s a smart move by DC. It’s more environmentally friendly by saving a few trees for a large percentage that just end up at your local dump site…

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