Alana’s Weekend Spec – Harley Breaks The Bank

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This week we have some record breaking Harley news, a major first meeting in Marvel, a big time character’s 1st cover for dirt cheap, and lastly is Man of Steel 2 back on track? Not much going on this week but doesn’t mean there’s not money to be made, Let’s jump in!

Strange Tales #118 1st cover Dr Strange
This books value suffers from people thinking that’s Dr Strange is on the cover of Strange Tales #110 , he’s not that’s the Wizard a Dr Strange villain. Strangely the Dr doesn’t make a cover appearance all the way until Strange Tales #118.  Silver Age Marvel key for cheap you don’t say that too often these days.


Strange Tales #120 1st meeting of Iceman and the Human Torch
Keeping with the Strange Tales we get even more keyness in the 1st meeting of Iceman and Torchy. This is the 2nd X-men crossover after Tales of Suspense #49 as well. Human Torch keys are the most overlooked books in Marvel right now mostly because it all gets lumped together with F4 keys. Disney owns F4 and X-men now so you can almost guarantee seeing this in live action in the future.

Action Comics #340 1st Parasite The original Venom copied by Todd McFarlane and made famous in Marvel is seeing some renewed interest with Henry Cavill coming back to play Supes. Wrote up long ago in a Weekend Specs this was suppose to be the villain for Man of Steel 2 and looks like the film could be back on. The Snyder cut of Justice League will renew interest in Superman, Deathstroke, the Green Lanterns, and

Batman Almost Got ‘IM 1st Harley Quinn in print
Holy cow Batman this children’s book just sold for $800 for an unopened copy breaking records. Wrote up long ago maybe even my first Weekend Specs when you use to be able to find this below $50. It’s rare unopened, it predates Batman Adventures #12, it’s a must for any Harley collector. Lot of movement on this one recently in open and unopened copies even the cassette tape alone sold for $80 lol. There’s still some fun in hunting these as sometimes they are listed as cheap kids books on eBay and not a major 1st appearance.

Harley Quinn #1 Hughes variant
While you won’t see this on hot 10 lists this week across the inter webs, it moved 20 copies in a month at an avg of $500. That’s $10,000 spent on this book in a month not bad for an old variant with a 1:25 ratio, people still investing strongly here after all this time.

That’s it for this week, stay safe stay strong and happy hunting!

15 thoughts on “Alana’s Weekend Spec – Harley Breaks The Bank”

    1. I am missing something. He keeps calling it the first “Modern Harley Quinn” instead of just the first Harley Quinn. Strange reference.

      1. Some people recognize Harley Quinn as a modernization of The Harlequin, a golden-age Green Lantern villain.

        1. That is intriguing, David U. I had not heard that before. I did a quick research on the Harlequin character. According to the wiki page, there were 4 different clown based characters, all under the Harlequin mantle. And the alter ego of one of those characters was Duela Dent. ?

            1. Does Joker’s daughter use the Harlequin mantle? I thought her name was simply ‘Jokers Daughter’. My knowledge of DC lore is pitiful.

          1. Yes they different outside of the name similarity Harlequin and Harley Quinn. One hypnotizes you with a lute the other smashs your face with a bat.

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