One to Watch – A Potential Comic Heating Up – Legion of Super-Heroes #6

Legion of Super-Heroes #6 is out tomorrow and it’s introducing a few new characters in it.

Thanks to Alana for pointing this one out in the comments and Devildog starting up a conversation on the forums (yes, the perks of the forums is you learn about things much sooner before we get a chance to post here and the forums are free).

Listings are now as high as $30 for this book that you can still nab from Midtown at cover but limited to 1 per customer.

I think the highest sold listing so far has sold for $20.

Not a lot sold yet but it’s definitely a book to keep a close watch on and might not be a bad idea to pick up a copy if you hadn’t planned on doing so.

Like Poyo always says, Always bet on Cover A since they’re on the cover as well.

Now, let’s see how fast Midtown sells out after posting this. Cover B is already sold out but I’m assuming Cover A had more orders.

14 thoughts on “One to Watch – A Potential Comic Heating Up – Legion of Super-Heroes #6”

    1. How bout that…just had one in my cart seconds ago…yanked.

      Fortunately I had purchased one earlier in the evening.

  1. Cover A was sold out last week. Bit now that Midtown will be distributing DC books maybe they were able to acquire a few extra copies. πŸ˜‰

  2. If use a certain app you would have known about this weeks ago. It is why I went from ordering 1 each for the shop to 30 each.

    1. Known about it weeks ago? We did know about it weeks ago but they just recently started selling for more than cover after people started receiving them and or pre-sales FOMO kicked in.

      Aren’t you the same guy who said “comic shops aren’t real jobs”? You also damned speculators but here you are, reading a spec site and using spec apps. πŸ˜‰

      1. We have all seen books coming out that have new characters that end up not amounting to anything. There is a difference in saying this book is coming out and has new character, pretty much every bit of info is mined from previews at this point, and saying hey the book is selling for well over cover now. I am glad you were able to order multiple copies for your store. Hopefully you don’t gouge your customers on them now.

        1. Yes. New characters come out all the time. The chance they all heat up or go up in value due to demand is hit or miss.

          As for Legion of Super-Heroes, I don’t recall them having a big fan base or following. So yes, this is a book that likely has a low print run so now it’s supply vs demand but this could be just like the many other DC firsts that is only a brief spec play in the ever evolving world of comic book speculation.

      2. If you look at ebay sales, there was some pre-sales on or before May 25th for around cover price for A cover. The first sale at $15 didn’t happen until June 8th, which was Monday, after likely most retailers got their books in hand.

    2. Knowing a book will have a first appearance/appearances from “a certain app” is about as routine as it comes anymore.

      Buying multiple copies of anything just because it will have a first or because an app has it in their “keys” section is also a great way to lose money in the long run.

      Heck, just about every listing in Previews anymore talks about new characters “don’t miss it” “wait till you see”.

      1. Exactly. Could I have pointed out Legion of Super-Heroes #6 weeks ago or when it hit Previews? Sure, but then I could also spend time detailing every single book based on it’s solicitations and that’s very time consuming. We try to highlight books but we can’t highlight them all.

        What’s one reason this likely got overlooked (speaking on my own behalf), it’s Legion of Super-Heroes which has a sub 30k print run, at least on it’s last issue. It’s likely got a small fan base and honestly, this one has speculators selling to speculators written all over it..

        I can only advise, don’t pay premium for this one. Buy at cover and sell at premium. I just can’t see these new characters taking off, not yet at least. It’s one of those situations where they’re really gonna have to grow organically over time with popularity.

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