Variant Picks of the Week for June 10th, 2020

This weeks variants are little more abundant from last weeks. Some repeats from my picks yesterday but still worthy of mentioning twice.

Zero Day Threat #1 by Pia Guerra.

Could be sleeper hit and hard to find. Be on the look out, definitely if you can snag at cover price.

Faithless II #1 Kris Anka FOC Variant

Still beats out that 1 per store variant I think. Just a better cover for the new volume kicking off the popular Faithless series from BOOM! Studios.

The Cimmerian Red Nails #1 Superman Parody Variant

Simply love it.

Batman #92 Artgerm Variant

I know, been talked about so much. But you still gotta hand it to Artgerm and his artwork.

Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 Del Otto Variant

I stared at all the covers for a good while and this one wins me over. Del Otto rarely disappoints so this is the pick for me when it comes to this Joker 80th oversized spectacular.

Deadpool #5 Mirka Andolfo Variant

I just love her now. Great artist who’s gaining popularity. Can’t beat she can draw and write as well. That’s a rare combination.

Bitter Root #8 Purple Rain Homage by Chris Visions

Great series, great homage. Yes, it’s been done before but it’s still great. I think Prince himself would approve!

Bitter Root #8 (Cover B - Visions)That’s it for this week. What variants are you seeking? Tell us here in the comments or fire up a discussion on the forums.

8 thoughts on “Variant Picks of the Week for June 10th, 2020”

  1. I’m with you on Mirka. I really enjoyed her Unnatural book. Her artwork is amazing. I’ll be picking that Deadpool book just for the cover.

    1. I couldn’t get into Unnatural. Something about humans and animals, hybrids or whatever you call them.. meh.. but I do love me some Mirka artwork..

        1. I’m sure it was and I’m pretty open minded person. I just draw the line when it involves a pig girl that’s been sexualized I suppose. 😉

  2. Really Enjoyed Unnatural. Sure it was adult and risque, but it was well drawn and well scripted (controversy of course). Andolfo is sure getting hot.

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