Diamond, DC Reach Agreement on In-stock Reorders and Distribution from Diamond UK

This was posted earlier but something happened and it disappeared.

Diamond Comic Distributors and DC Comics are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to extend some aspects of Diamond’s distribution of comics and collected editions.

In the US, Diamond and DC have extended the agreement to fulfill reorders of in-stock comic periodicals previously offered for sale, fulfilling reorders through July 31. Graphic novels and collections previously offered for sale on Final Order Cut-off June 1 or prior will be available for replenishment reorders through December 16 and Direct Ship reorders through December 22.

For our Diamond UK shops, we will continue to distribute new and backlist DC Comics products through December 31 and will be working with DC Comics to offer products with an FOC date of June 15 to retailer customers as usual.

“The recovery of our retailer partners is of utmost importance to Diamond and DC as stores reopen amid many challenges,” said Steve Geppi, Founder of Diamond Comic Distributors and Chairman & CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises. “With respect for our long partnership with DC Comics, we are happy to work on a smooth transition.”

5 thoughts on “Diamond, DC Reach Agreement on In-stock Reorders and Distribution from Diamond UK”

  1. Have y’all been getting shipments a lot later than normal? Stuff I’d normally get in a few days is taking over a week now. So new spec for me is dead till shipping gets back to normal

  2. My LCS hasn’t been getting all DC titles and on some occasions, they have been getting short shipped. This past Wednesday, they didn’t get the new Batman book.

  3. For the past 3 weeks my shop has been shorted multiple DC titles each week. This week alone we were shorted all copies of five different titles. It’s only been DC comics shorted. Before we would have shortages but just a couple random issues from all publishers. Seems to me DC was trying to make Diamond look bad so retailers would more willingly switch to the new distributors. Not that we have a choice now.

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