Alana’s Weekend Specs: Revenge Of The Reprints

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! I always talk about things I like so I’m going to switch it up this week and talk about something I loathe, reprints. I learned my lesson way back when with Kamala Khan that reprints matter. I could of had a 2nd print for $15 instead I chose a 1st print for $30 , I’ve been buying reprints that matter every since and I hate every time I have to purchase one. These things have taken off whether we like it or not and time to get aboard the train. Books like Venom #3 3rd print and ASM #569 2nd prints are taking off don’t be left out in the cold, buy, sell, flip. Let’s jump in!

imageThanos #13 3rd print
So like every other reprint 1st cover on the 1st appearance no matter what print gets hot as long as the new character isn’t on the 1st print or other print covers. So enter this book on the cusp of exploding still found below $20 with some effort. Also Thanos #15 4th print has been on a roll if you live under a rock. Here’s a link for Thanos #13 3rd with 20 copies still in stock to those lucky enough to get them first.

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      1. Yeah. They sold out now. I did It’s Drunken Chat Son last night with Mel and Niobe came up. I mentioned the post with the Zelda homage. They were sold out by that time.

        1. One sold off eBay for $70 today it was label as a 4th print but it’s 2nd print according to the cgc label on the graded one going for $300 on eBay. This cover was only printed once as 2nd print no other printings with this cover. So whoever bought the 6 copies up from Stranger Comics good for you.

  1. The links didn’t show up you can still find Thanos #13 3rd print at amorphous ink for like $5+shipping the Niobe book is from Stranger Comics. with just a few copies.

  2. Great picks! Yeah there are some nice niobe books out there with really small runs. I pick them up whenever I can in case the hbo asunda deal takes off

  3. quick question, how can one tell the difference between 1st and 2nd printing of Marvel Action Avengers #10? I saw one on ebay for $12 and was about to grab it but other than the pricing which seemed way too good, how does one tell the difference?

    1. Yeah, I don’t recall IDW doing new covers or slightly changed colors on their additional printings. It’ll be on the inside under the print and publishing info it will tell you 2nd printing or not.

    2. @Rienye…Look at the barcode on the cover of the book to determine it’s printing. On every modern book, on the barcode, there is 5 numbers near the top right of the barcode. The first 3 numbers will be the issue #, the 4th number will determine the cover and the 5th number is what printing it is. Eg. Marvel’s IDW Avengers 10 will have a barcode, with the numbers near the top right of barcode, reading ‘01011’. Those five numbers then read as ‘issue 10, cover A, 1st print’….Marvel’s IDW Avengers 10 2nd will have a barcode, with the numbers near the top right of barcode, reading ‘01012’. Those five numbers read as ‘issue 10, cover A, 2nd print’. The 1:10 variant for that issue will read 01021 (issue 10, cover B, 1st print).

      1. This only helps if a) seller uploads images of the back of the book (since IDW puts their barcodes on the back, alot of sellers don’t snap pics of the back) and b) they didn’t regurgitate existing images from the first print to save time since the cover didn’t change.

        But yes, good info on how to determine printing based on bar code.

        1. Knowing how to read the barcodes on modern books is an invaluable tool to any collector, imo.

          I wouldn’t be buying a book w/ a generic image and no detailed photos. The only other way to tell which print any given book is is the indica. You stand a much better chance of finding an online listing that shows the barcode on the front or back cover, then you do of finding an online listing that has a legible photo of the indica.

          1. But that’s what I’m saying, not all sellers post photos of the back that might include the barcode and they might reuse the first print image if it hadn’t changed.

            In a perfect world, the seller would know to list it as a first print, second print and so on as well.

            Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and I can’t blame some sellers who list hundreds or thousands of books to not snap detailed pics of every single comic they list. I’ve listed 35 myself in my blowout sale since last night and I’m already tired. I’m listing my books at $1 each. I’m not spending any more time taking more than 2-3 pics of each comic to get the most detailed images.. the payout is not worth it to me.

            1. I never take pictures of the back unless it is a really expensive book. Usually front and each corner and if there is a defect a picture of the defect

              1. Same. Unless we’re talking hundreds of dollars or more.. meh. Front and back usually, up close pics of any slight imperfections will do. And if I have multiples without noticeable defects, I’ll reuse the previous pic if I relist.

                1. Imo, the condition of the back cover is almost equally as important as the front cover, spine and corners. Flipping the book over and taking a photo of the back cover takes all of 5 seconds. All my listings have a photo of the back cover and I’ve certainly learned my lesson about not checking the back cover when buying a book in person. To each their own.

                2. One could argue every single page is equally important. Maybe we should just spend the time to snap a pic of every page as well.. 😉

                3. Ebay allow 12 photos for free (basic membership).

                  1 front.
                  1 back
                  2 spine (one front one back)
                  8 corners (each corner front and back)

                  That’s how it’s done people.

                  I take it with my phone on a white board in decent light. Takes about 2 minutes to take them and uploaded into the auction.

                  Now, I’m a perfectionist and i’ll Crop and rotate until it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye…but that doesn’t need to be done…just gives me more of an advantage over you. 😁

                4. You’re the guy digging the hole at a construction site and I’m the guy drinking the cup of coffee watching you dig the hole, making the same amount per hour.. 😉

  4. i like the 2nd print of Miles Morales Spider-Man #13 2nd print. 1st cover of billie morales (unless she is spiderzero) 4k print run. with uf4 blowing up, new video game, and 2nd spiderverse movie starting. picking up copies of miles gallery 1st apps seem like a smart move at this point

    1. Baby first appearances haven’t proven great specs on firsts though. If his baby sister ends up becoming a hero in costume, that will be the book to nab if and when..

  5. The Whitman Star Wars are in three packs. They were 3 for 99 cents. Black bag with the Star Wars logo and a ring hole at the top to hang on a peg. They did them through issue 18. So there are six bags. 1-3, 4-6, and so on up to 16-18.

    I have four of the six sealed bags. Could have completed the set long ago but my quest is to finish it exclusively from collections that walk in the door. Same as I’m doing with a full printing set of Killing Joke. Currently at 14 of those.

    At least most of these prints are easy to find. Good luck with Sandman 75 2nd print. That book is a grail.

  6. knightfallad a few third prints as well batman #492 .gen 13 #1 has a second print and I now want as mnyultimate fallout #4 second prints a s money can buy and the 4th print of happy as I love the show love you all blind adam out

          1. He doesn’t but it’s the lead up to him appearing and it’s portrayed in the Spiderverse movie. The title Ultimate Fallout is in reference to the death of Ultimate Peter Parker.

          1. Imaybe put on the trade list in the forum I don’t really have an attachment to it I also have the preview for the book that someone sent me free as filler

          2. I really wish I pulled it out didn’t know people are asking $800 for it, now it’s going to take half a day to find it again.

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