One for a Sunday: Mile Morales

Alana had a great Weekend Spec about Reprints, but here is one that needs to be looked at.

With Miles Morales being super hot right now, wanted to mention a book that is starting to heat up, that is cheap, and should be an easy find if you know where to look.

Ultimate Fallout #4 the first appearance of Mile Morales Spiderman is on fire. So is the Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd print. These may be priced out of many people’s range at the moment, but here is one that is starting to rise, that is still affordable.

If you are looking for a first appearance of Miles, at least a reprint check out Mile Morales Halloween Comicfest #0.

This book has moved from a $2 book few days ago (numerous $2 sales on June 12) to sales as high as $12.00

Most listed now are $10 and up, however there is one listing at $9 plus shipping (they have sold 7 in the past hour). If you have copies it is a great time to sell. These are on the uptick.

Mycomicshop has some for $2.40 in VF if you move fast.

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  1. Spider-Man #12 is nutso the Gwen and Miles kiss cover $70 going to have to dig at the LCS those should be in the back issue boxes at cover.

      1. Thanks to you I was able to get one from Mycomicshop and one off of Amazon, $2.80 for the MCS plus a few others comics I needed and $5 for the one from Amazon before shipping.

    1. Hip Hop Miles/Nas variant forSpiderman #1 is like a $200 book now. I imagine a lot of us CHUers have both books that were mentioned by Mel, Anthony, and Poyo when they came out.

        1. Spider-Man #234 is going to be a sleeper it’s Miles 1st Sinister Six and His uncle as the black Iron Spidey for the first time. This is the lenticular so there’s also a reg cover a 1:10 Headshot, and 1:25 variant. The Thanos #13 1:25 is big money, Spider-Man #234 is just as key if you collect Miles.💰💰💰😁

          1. We already have Miles uncle and the Iron spidey suit in the movie verse so it’s a real good chance we see this play out in a Miles movie friend or foe.

  2. Can’t wait for everyone purchasing the UF #4s at today’s prices to look at the price in eight months. I’m guessing they are going to be upside down in their purchases.

      1. There will be a movie one day and it will at least come back to current prices. The problem with the book it’s a 75k print run for that also had a ton of extra copies sold at the end of the year blow out for a .25 each and some retailers got 100s of additional copies not included in the comichron #s the variant was also commonly found in $5 multi packs for a couple years after it’s release.

    1. I agree.
      But ya gotta love this.
      If we didn’t have panic stricken/FOMO folks paying 4 figures for UF#4, we wouldn’t have the ones like us capitalizing on their inability to restrain themselves. Us speculators / Speculation would be nothing without those buying at figures that seem unreasonable to those that show a bit more purchase restraint.

        1. $5 for mine still in the bag to this day did notice a spine tic on it while flipping through my books this week.😂 The only reason people take books out of the bag these days is to get them graded but cgc wants to call books missing ads and marvel stamps incomplete. The irony in the 90’s books missing bags and trading cards were considered incomplete. No grading companies until 2000 and I still don’t understand why they can’t just grade it in the poly bag and slab it, CGC’s technology should of advanced to do so in the 20 years cgc has been in business.

            1. How much more is it worth in the bag vs out? I got a VF copy for $35 from my comic shop in 2018 (really) so I can’t complain…

          1. The poly bag more often than not over the time since released will put a very slight “subscription looking crease” on the comic. I took the three I got when new out of the bags last year and sure enough in the right light all of them had that crease. Since I had my heat press I did press them out but it took a couple of tries. A quick press won’t do it. Needed the full treatment. Not saying every copy still in the bag will have it, but most probably do.Not the end of the world since it can be pressed.

        2. Bought three off the shelf and one for $10 off Amazon which I sold a few months later for $65. Still kick myself for not paying $70 for the 1:25 but what can ya do. Thought the ceiling was going to hit soon…..Oops on that one. Still have three first prints three second prints and now three of those Halloween reprints. Should make for a nice payday overall. Will keep one of the firsts for myself though.

  3. I can’t believe those Halloween comic fest UFO4…I picked one up just so I could read it since my UFO4 is slabbed…now I’m going to have to sell it…need to hit the LCs when they open Tuesday to see if it has any more lying around…

  4. That’s crazy. I got 2 of them and I gave them to my boys. They are all beat up since they have read them like crazy.

  5. …and here I thought Knull was going to be the big lockdown winner. Miles definitely took the lead in that one! Peach Momoko art is up there as well. I’ll still put Knull a little over her art for now but those are the top three lockdown comic book hotness as far as I’m concerned. Now, if Marvel/Sony/Disney/Whatever would let us know their plans for Knull maybe Venom #3 and various limited covers of his would spike even more.

      1. Thanks. I need a big sale every now and again to maintain the illusion for my wife that this hobby pays for itself. 😉

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