Keystone Comic Con Cancels 2020 Con

Another Comic Con cancels for 2020, however, this is one of ReedPop’s cons and begs the question will their biggest show of the year, New York Comic Con, still take place

To our community,

We know how memorable Keystone Comic Con was last year and how excited our fans, exhibitors and staff were to do it again this August. As much as we looked forward to seeing you for our third year, the safety of everyone at our shows is our absolute priority and comes first before everything else.

Because of this, and after many discussions with the convention center and local partners, we have made the difficult yet necessary decision to cancel Keystone Comic Con 2020.

All tickets and merchandise purchased for the 2020 event will be automatically refunded by June 29, 2020; no action is needed on your part.

Although the physical show is cancelled, Keystone Comic Con is still here! We will celebrate what we love together online in August. We will be putting on a digital event to support exhibitors and connect fans with as many of the artists, creators, guests, fandoms and communities as possible. For more information on what is available digitally, and to stay connected to your geek community, keep up with Keystone Comic Con’s social channels and

Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of yourselves and each other. We’ll see you in August for our digital celebration!

The Keystone Team

8 thoughts on “Keystone Comic Con Cancels 2020 Con”

  1. You all realize the amount of spores, mold and fungus is at NYCC that was at all the previous comic cons?

      1. I only got sick last year (never the years before)… it was strange too. I lost my voice (it briefly came back mid day Saturday but then lost it again that night) with no other symptoms until the plane ride home Sunday. That’s when I got super stuffy and congested, total chest cold. Never got a fever though. I rarely get sick.

  2. There is zero chance that New York Comic Con happens this year. The only reason convention organizers wait to announce cancellation is that if the government cancels the event, they have insurance protections when it comes to their contracts with the venues and contractors. But if they cancel the event on their own, they may not. They don’t want to risk defaulting on a contract and not being able to host future events, so they wait for the state or municipality to dictate that the event is canceled to protect themselves.

    1. This would have been the 5th straight year for me to attend NYCC. Sadly I’m going to pass even if it’s not cancelled, I decided to pass when the lockdowns started.

    1. COVID cases are rising… they tried to reopen too soon and lift sanctions on social distancing and masks. Sadly, it shouldn’t even take the government at this point to tell people what should be self discipline common sense measures.. but you know, this is America, land of the Free! ‘Merica! Sigh..

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