Spoilers: Death Metal #1 – Death, Sweet Cameos, and More Batmen

Dark Nights Death Metal #1 is in stores tomorrow (thanks to DC switching distributors) and Wednesday. It is the follow up to Dark Nights Metal. It is a great follow up giving more Batmen, some deaths, and lots of sweet cameos. Check out the spoilers below.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Death Metal #1 – Death, Sweet Cameos, and More Batmen”

  1. Been waiting on this..3 variants I want (Batman with scythe, Batman who laughs) but not sure if they will come…also had to pull list again 5 DC books that didn’t show up yet, DC 1022, Batman #92 & a few more…idk what’s going on with distribution

  2. His is like the Spider-verse..every conceivable Batman thrown into a book…

    Batasaurus is pretty cool, though. Maybe a Devil dinosaur cross over in the making…?

      1. Have not seen a picture. Speed Metal is 9/23, Robin King is listed under the description for Legends of Dark Nights which is 8/4 now. Has that changed? I was assuming it would either be Death Metal 2 or Legends due to the description on Legends as those two are the next two out. .

        1. Legends description

          The DC Universe has become engulfed by the Dark Multiverse, where demons dwell and reality is overrun by monstrous versions of the Dark Knight, all ruled by the Batman Who Laughs. In this collection of short tales, learn the terrifying secrets of these new Bats out of hell and other creatures of the night like Robin King, whose origin is just the worst! Plus, read about the secret buried beneath Castle Bat, the sentient Batmobile, and…how did Batman turn into a dinosaur? ONE-SHOT

  3. So which one is the 1 in a 100 variant. Diamond has the black and white Capullo Cvr as the 1 in 100 and UCS has that one listed as the Midnight Release Variant.

    Diamond has the Batman on a motorcycle with WW and Superman also on the cover as the MIdnight Release Variant and UCS has that one listed as the 1 in 100 variant.

      1. Very possible, but when I emailed Diamond, they stuck by the B&W as the 1 in 100. I have yet to hear back from UCS.

          1. My new favorite part is that DC sent an email, the B&W of #1 is Midnight Release, and the color version is the 1 in 100. But for future issues, the B&W are the 1 in 100.

            But it’s Diamond’s fault

  4. And this here is why DC sucks ass. You can now get better quality books from BOOM, Scout, Image over wack ass DC story Lines. Whats next……….BOOM BAP KNIGHTS BATMAN, EDM KNIGHTS BATMAN, NEWWAVE KNIGHTS BATMAN, GANGSTA KNIGHTS BATMAN!……….

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