Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 289th edition (and the 8th quarantine edition) of the open forum!

Lat week’s comments got a little out of hand, so, lets play nice shall we?

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

23 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. Bought a Venom 26 virgin for $5 and the proceeds from selling two Venom 26 trade dressed copies. That’s it for me this week.

  2. It’s always cool finding cool books whilst looking for cool books: I found a copy of All Crime Comics #2 and 3, at an LCS, this way, last week. Both are in fantastic shape for about $5 each. Interesting fact. #2 is a weird size. It’s larger than a comic and smaller than a magazine. I imagine that #1 is the same?

    I have an Age of Republic Special #1 Khoi Pham, for $80, otw.
    I didn’t know there was a 2nd print for Dawn of the Jedi #1, but I found one, at an LCS, in decent shape for around cover price.
    I ordered a 3rd print, for $10, from G-Mart, that has a totally different cover. That cover seems like a good bet, imo. They are pretty scarce on eBay, even in sold listings.
    I have a issue #0 3rd print otw for $50. Something about this book burned a hole in my mind…

    Of course I am not real big on dropping a lot of dough on books. I prefer to get them for cover price, if at all possible. However, I feel like these books are going to become impossible to find, and I really doubt that they will be decreasing in value anytime soon.

    Creepy #3, from Dark Horse in 2009, has a bizarre female hitler cover that I needed to grab. That was another book I wasn’t looking for.

    Deep Blue #1, Backtrack #3, lots of that Bitter Root Purple Rain variant, Cimmerian: Red Nails, 2 different Deja Thoris #5 variants, Excellence #7 A & B, Exciting Comics #6, all Snake Hunt GI Joe B’s, so far, Join the Future #2, Mountainhead #4, Old Haunts #1, Sonata all A’s and B’s because Haberlin’s artwork is boss, Stealth #2, all of the upcoming WW B covers, prolly Catwoman, as well, for a bit, Nightwing #71 A & B, and 2 copies of Legion #6, both A and B. I saw that they had sold out at Midtown on Wednesday, so I saved a set at my two favorite shops.

    I am looking forward to reading The Grievling, Death Metal #1, Hotell #2, White Ash #4, and Strange Adventures #2 tomorrow and scoring some cool variants, hopefully.

    Stay safe, yall!
    Best of lux.

    1. I do have the full run of Creepy from Dark Horse I can’t remember if I have a dupe of that cover or not. I have a Creepy #1 Warren as well I love horror mags

      1. Anthony, I was out of comics for over 20 years, so I am always discovering new books like that one (new to me, anyhow). I had no idea Creepy even made comic sized books. That seems like a good run to work on.

        I agree on the horror stuff. I am big into Sci-Fi, too. I got 3 copies, last year, of Eerie #23 along with maybe 10 other issues. It’s difficult to say enough about those Frazetta covers. I got the Creepy reprint of that issue, too, lol.

          1. It’s a great hobby that touches on every corner of culture.
            Those Creeps books look legit!
            Thanks, for the recommendation!

          2. Don’t let Anthony tell you lies.. he had a bigger collection than most of us had before he was even born.. it’s like the cosmos new he was gonna collect so they just started to appear in his mom’s basement before he was conceived.. 😉

  3. Another light week in terms of new comics to read:

    Gideon Falls #22 (Cover A)

    Another great few days of spec pick ups to sell:
    Star Wars Clone Wars #2 ($3 for VF+)
    Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1 ($10-can’t believe what Miles books are selling for! Looking forward to hitting up some stores tomorrow to see what I can find)
    Thor #2 (1st print Cates for cover price)

    Been going back and re-reading my Saga of the Swamp Thing trades and just finished volume 1 & 2. I can’t believe how good these Alan Moore stories were. They still hold up remarkably well. I firmly believe that, as a writer, he holds some of the top comic stories that I’ve ever read since being a collector. Swamp Thing #21 Anatomy Lesson brought a whole different aspect to this long established character that i really loved. I also loved his run on Miracle Man, especially #14-#15 and Action 584/Superman 423 (Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow). If I’m looking for other great single story issues that I always go back to; Sandman #14 (Gaiman), Daredevil 191 (Miller), Animal Man #26 (Morrison), and Ronin #6 (Miller).

    In terms of single stories or arcs by a writer, what are some of your favorites? Would be interested in hearing about comics that really changed how you viewed a character or a story that really resonated with you.

    Good hunting everyone!

    1. The Crow 1st series
      Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
      Jim Lee Xmen
      Mcfarlane Spiderman series
      Liefeld New Mutants to Xforce 1.
      Evil Ernie 1st series
      Sandman 1st series
      Spawn 1-10
      ASM 252-316
      Silver Surfer 1st series 1-4
      My favorites and shows when i started collecting

    2. Other than the usual suspects (Killing Joke, Watchmen, Dark Knight, V…), I really enjoyed Superman Red Son, I also enjoyed Snyder’s New 52 Batman and Tomasi’s Batman & Robin run was really good. Another great read is TWD 1-102.

  4. Picked up Strange Adventures #2. I tend to like King’s slow and deliberate storytelling technique, but I could understand why it would irk others who just want some quick action from their funny books.

    Struggling with whether to pick up Dark Knights Death Metal. When I read Dark Nights Metal I felt like it was one long DC Comic aficionado inside joke and I was just the kid on the side saying “ooh, hey look, a New 52 thing!” I’m worried this will be more of the same with a ton of extra credit homework I need to read to understand why one small panel was such a shocking revelation. Convince me otherwise, forum!

    1. I didn’t enjoy Metal at all. It was very convoluted for a DC newbie. However, I am going to read Death Metal in support of my local shop. 🤷‍♂️

      1. Yeah, I bought issue 1 black and white variant to support the shop. I’ll read it tonight, but the preview seemed like nonsense.

    2. I just read it, and while there was a lot of winking to fanboys it did a much better job than DNM did of being new reader friendly. It benefits from a pretty small cast, for an event book, and did an excellent job of centering the focus on the story instead of making you play spot the cameo. I don’t want to reveal too much, but it also kind of took a tounge in cheek shot at the endless series of Crisises that DC goes through with the plot of the story itself. If you read the preview and liked what you saw then you’ll love the first issue. Reading all of Snyder’s stuff would deff help with a deeper dive, but everything felt like it was all there for a more casual reader.

  5. Great week for me. Wasn’t a ton on my pull but I finally tracked down an ASM 210 for my Spider-Man run without being taken to the cleaners and laid hands on a Vampire Tales 8. Need a VT 10 and I’ll have filled out my run, and can obsess full time about completing Deadly Hands instead.

  6. Dark Nights Death Metal #1 Artgerm, Strange Adventures #2 A and B, Wonder Woman #757 B, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3 A and B, Barbara the Barbarian #2, GI Joe #72 A and B, The Grievling #1 ( the LCS professor said this is a series and not just a one-shot), Hotell #2, A Man Among Ye #1, Unsacred #6 surfing variant, White Ash #3, Wynd #1 Mora variant, and The Rejected: Long Is the Way (Unwilling is one of the best pieces of adult literature that I have ever read) were my new pick-ups from this evening.

    I was lucky enough to find Action #9 (2012) A at one shop, and the B cover of Final Crisis #7 at another, too!!

    It’s time to find time to crack a few of these open for some reading!

  7. can anyone tell ,me the difference between
    tmnt / mmpr #5 foc delmundo variant and 1:50 delmundo ,

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