Rumor on Lucia Von Bardas Coming to MCU

Legendary leaker Daniel Richtman has leaked that Lucia Von Bardas is coming to the MCU.

Thanks to Mel in the Drunken Chat gave the heads up on this.

This is a cheap spec at the moment she first appears in Secret War #1 (2004)

Lucia von Bardas is a Latverian woman who used to teach at the University of North Carolina in the United States. After Doctor Doom was deposed as the leader of Latveria, the Americans helped von Bardas get elected as the Prime Minister of Latveria. She then began publicly mending the ties between the two countries.

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  1. So this guy who got Echo wrong now says this after he bought all the copies off eBay. Cool cool any Doom woman gets used it will be Victorious.

      1. It’s where i got it from. I can’t give credit to something that i don’t have. Give credit to the source I get it from.

        1. I could tell you Silver Surfer is coming to your b-hole are you going to believe me because I’ve been right on a couple movie spoilers. There’s got to be evidence we cant pass along somebodies (that could work) story they are making up sitting at home bored of the COVID to sell some books as if it’s a legitimate MCU casting If you read the article the guy says would be a good way to introduce doom not that this role is cast and coming to the MCU. The reason they will use Victorious is she is the herald of Doom if the guy who wrote this knew anything about Dr Doom he would know this.

            1. He also says Firestarr is coming to Shang-Chi he wants you to believe a Spider-Man introduced character who probably falls under Sony’s ownership is going to debut for some reason in the full Asian casted Shang Chi over in the MCU. 🤯 One thing in common with Echo, Lucia, and Firestarr is they were all $5 books before this guy opened his mouth and magically the copies disappeared off eBay before he even said anything.

              1. Comic Book reports that Marvel Studio’s upcoming superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will feature a 98% Asian cast. Starring Kim’s Convenience lead Simu Liu, Crazy Rich Asians actress Awkwafina and Hong Kong superstar Tony Leung, the film is Marvel Studios’ first Asian-led movie.”

          1. “I could tell you Silver Surfer is coming to your b-hole are you going to believe me because I’ve been right on a couple movie spoilers.”

            If credible a large % of the time, yes, yes we would. But the problem here is studios change their minds all the time. Casting calls are changed all the time. What’s planned today can change tomorrow. So yes, as the source of the news could be wrong eventually, we take what they say now as the actual plans from the Studios….

  2. Daniel Richtman is legit. If he says Lucia Von Bardas is coming to the MCU, she’s coming to the MCU.

    I dont pay to be in his Patreon group. I wont pay to be in anyone’s Patroen group. Patreon just seems like a scam.

    Been following Daniel on Twitter for years. He has trusted sources.

    1. So you just bought Fantastic Four and Xmen movie rights for billions of dollars and youre going to introduce mutants in an all asian Shang Chi film that has nothing to do with mutants even though shes a flying white fire bitch out of all the Mutants you could choose you could even choose an asian mutant like Sunfire that way you still have a flying fire dude thats asian why not use Wolverine that will sell tickets he spent time in Japan so first reason you know its false. 2nd reason its false is soon we will have Johnny Storm and Jean Grey in the MCU and there both flying fire bitches and you could even go as far as saying Captain Marvel and the coming MCU Photon are also flying fire bitches does this leave any room for a d list flying fire bitch to launch your whole billions of dollars Xmen movie rights film universe even though you got plenty of flying fire already? You all know the answer and can see right through this. This same guy that added bs to a deaf persons casting for a Disney+ leading role by leaving out its a leading role which pretty much eliminates Echo since she wouldnt be a lead role in Hawkeye and flat out lying and saying the casting was for a MCU role which it does not it says Disney+ 2nd hint its not Echo. I know what a MCU casting looks like ive been reading them for 10 years.

  3. If youre going say something as bold as Firestar in Shang Chi you better have proof that backs your claim which there isnt a shred of evidence for Echo, Firestar, or Lucia just some article saying I heard this.

    1. Alana! I always appreciate how you cut right through all the bullshit and call out the comic spec human centipede. Keep on keeping on! And 100% on Victorious which I’ve been stockpiling for a while.

    2. I kind of agree. I liked your “Silver Surfer” flying out of a bunghole comment too, and find it hilarious how they give you a pass for talking like that. If I said it they’d bitch me out of here in two seconds lol.

      1. Alana is off the cuff with her general language, but it it is not critical or personal to any one person. Imo, Bandrew, you get ‘bitched’ out because you tend to attack people, mostly retailers that you don’t like. It’s not how you are saying it, Bandrew, it’s what you say. M2c.

        1. Or maybe the rest of you need to stop jumping to the defense of anyone who’s a ‘retailer’ to know the difference between that and someone dishonest who is not even on the forum, and common courtesy to not spout off at every comment on here you don’t like. I am far from the only one who ‘complained’ about MCS but I seen to be the only one attacked for not being part of the inner circle. And I never named anyone I had a personal bad dealing with, who are not ‘retailers.’

          1. No worries, Bandrew. No I’ll will intended. Just my observations.
            I am not the guy to ‘defend’ online retailers. Any long time CHU visitor knows full well that I am the opposite, if there is an opposite, to an online retail ‘defender’. I am not of fan of most major online retailers, at all.

      2. I’m not going to get into it but you never got “bitched out” previously. A few people didn’t agree with your stance on a prior topic you brought forth. There’s a big difference in what Alana is saying and to whom she’s saying it. The issue you’re attempting to revive is not people bitching you out though, we just didn’t agree with your side of the story. So again, like I offered previously, you wanna keep talking about it to clear it up, PM on the forums or email me (which you never did). But we’re not going to discuss that prior incident here. Time to move on..

        1. Nobody’s bringing anything back up but you, refusing to let an off the cuff comment slide… I don’t need you to agree with everything I say, I would expect you to be respectful when someone is a guest on your site and not attacking anyone specifically. You seem to be unable to let an issue that never concerned you slide without getting the last word.

          1. Amen.i don’t remember this site having so much vitriol and “controlled” attempts at limiting opinions to a select few when outside of the norm before. I’ve been a regular visitor to the site since 2014 and it’s a big difference nowadays when reading comments and interactions…but to each their own, I guess.

            1. Nick, thanks for being a reader since 2014. I know, for me, I try to stay out of arguments and not try to engage in any negativity. It has always been my way. I still try to keep the comments kinda light and non-confrontational. What I am not sure everyone realizes is ruining the site takes a lot of work. Yes, the site has been around since 2013, which means a lot of nights up reading, researching, looking at auctions, writing, and other things, for 7 years now. I have always tried to be completely transparent with info, use reputable sources, give credit to where I get the information from (sometimes I am asked not to), and keep it fun. What does happen and what I don’t think many people see is a ton of attacks that get silenced before they ever hit the comment section, negativity from others, spamming, and trolling. My name is out there. My work knows what I do and checks on it. They have to, I get background checked. So I try to keep a balance. Yes, we let people usually say whatever they want and some people have gained a lot of leeway, Alana for example making reference to Silver Surfer flying out of my butt, because they are long standing members. I am fine with people disagreeing with what I say or feel as long as it is mostly respectful. I have always appreciated “community editing” if I mislabel a first appearance or something. Overall I am just saying i don’t think everyone realizes the amount of scrutiny the site gets being the oldest spec site still around. It can be frustrating and that frustration can show in the comments. I have said numerous times “why am i still doing this? Why am I trying to put out so much information to just have people be rude to me?” I have made great money (having to file it on my taxes every year money) of spec and the idea was always to help others do the same thing. That’s been my “agenda” the whole time. To help others make a buck too.

              Anyway, not a lecture or a rant, just some perspective from the other side.

              1. Anthony, my comment was in no means an attack on you. It was in fact, a testament to how you ran the site for the early years as a positive experience. You added input to the comment section when necessary and always was respectful and funny!

                Nowadays, it seems like the last word had to be had by some and almost a talking down to aspect. The site thrives by the community. I understand there are trolls and it’s the world we occupy. I believe the site has become more of a dictatorship at times rather than a community experience when compared to those days. Not everything is an attack or in need of a confrontation or two cents by an admin. Let a conversation flesh itself out from within…

                I apologize if you took my view as an affront to you… I’ve always appreciated you individually speaking, and view you in the highest regard almost feeling like I’ve met you through your numerous videos from the past (where are those unboxing videos, by the way??!!??)?

                1. I didn’t take offense Nick, none at all. I agree that not everyone needs to be confronted or needs two cents thrown in. Something we can work on. I do think the idea has been to stop problems before they happen, or in cases where people have multiple logins from the same IP address to make comments or seem like they have support, just taking them off the site.

                  My i boxing’s have mostly been supplies lately. I have gone through over 3,000 bags and boards in three months plus 40 short boxes trying to get everything organized, finally have a house that is big enough to store it all in one location. I am still buying but with many shops closed down there hasn’t been much picking lately.

                  I am going to start up the new comic spec review videos. Have gotten that set up and will be starting them this week or next week

          2. I also said if you wanna talk about it, do it privately at this point. I think I’ve made that very clear. The issue was over until you decided to “drag it back into a conversation that was irrelevant”. It’s not a cuff comment, it was unnecessary and very apparent you can’t “let it go” to move on.

            As an admin on the site, we have every right to “have the last word”… So again, I ask you to drop it. Either move on or if you wanna keep discussing what you misinterpreted from a few weeks ago, I’ve already said my doors were wide open via email or PM on the forums.

    3. Silver Surfer coming to your butt hole would be nary rad. 🙄
      And yes, more flyin’ fire bitches, please. 😂

    4. Alana, Would you rather believe those trolls that do podcasts pumping books “they” think should be next Because “they” know better as a “comic” expert? Or would you rather beleive a reporter whos job is to find iut information for “scoops”?

      Personally i have no faith in podcastsrs.

  4. Silver Surfer coming to your butt hole would be nary rad. No it would be Norrin Radd!! Also I love what is perceived as bad language. As long as it’s not directed at a person who cares.

    1. We’re all adults here. Just as long as it’s not in a very distasteful manner.. and not directed at other people on the site being personal in nature.

  5. Sounds like Richtman isn’t bringing in enough on Patreon this month. It honestly blows my mind why anyone believes he has an in to anything. He just bought to many SW sets to scoop up first Quakes when those still moved, and is trying to find a way to sell his leftovers during a down time for the economy. I don’t mean to come off too grumpy, but I think that guy is about as reliable as a clock without an hour hand.

      1. I think the fact that he’s attempted to monitize himself to such a degree that he has a Patreon makes him suspicious. I own two sets of this mini. It doesn’t hurt me at all that he’s trying to pump and dump his back stock. I’ve only ever stood to benefit from most of his “reliable” rumours. I still think he misses way too often to be doing more than reading tea leaves, same as most anyone else. The problem I have is people are paying him for his guesses and hold them up as highly reliable. I think it gives people a misplaced sense of confidence that can lead to someone getting burned.

        1. Does he own a shop? Is he a speculator? That’s what I am confused about. Do we know that he sells comics? He is more of a Hollywood movie news guy who happens to cover Disney and DC. I have never heard of him selling comics or owning a shop. Not sure where you are coming from with this? Can you link to where he sells comics?

          1. Sure can’t, and we can latch on my accusation of him profiting off his “reliable” info if you want. Just like Alana, I agree the net tends to dry up when he leaks and I find that suspicious. The man runs a Patreon for insider info too. That alone is incredibly suspicious. He has a financial incentive to deliver “reliable” info with regularity. The fact that he gets held up as somehow more reliable than your run of the mill speculator also ignores his frequent misses. Alana hit on two ones that I think are fair to bring up, but there was also the Spider-Man UK rumour that even hit reddit because of him, and the Daniel Radcliffe Moon Knight rumours. I like this site. I appreciate the fact that you’re incredibly transparent. He isn’t in the slightest. He even tried to walk back the MK thing on Twitter after getting called out. I feel that his reputation lends an air of credibility to what at times appear to be wild guesses. The fact that Alana appears to have found his source certainly doesn’t help the argument that he’s got his pulse on things anymore than anyone else does. I’m sorry that my disagreement on his reliability bothers you so much. I really wasn’t setting out to upset anyone. Just stating my opinion.

            1. Your argument about his reliability doesn’t bother me in the slightest. What I was questioning was the pump and dump claim. He talks about so many types of movies, not just comic related. I don’t think he is a seller or has a financial reason for writing about them when he also writes about other types of movies and tv shows. Yes he does make money off his Patreon. That’s his “product”. He has a ton of subscribers, many in the entertainment media, who if he was just making up stuff, would stop quoting him and stop subscribing.

            2. “The fact that Alana appears to have found his source certainly doesn’t help the argument that he’s got his pulse on things anymore than anyone else does.”

              You know, they could also share the same source. Many times we post newsworthy information when we receive it around the same time other sites like Bleeding Cool got the same news.. did they steal it from us? Probably not. Did we steal it from them? Never in a million years since I don’t even visit the site myself.

              The problem with news coming out of Hollywood is it changes drastically when the wind changes. So yes, at the time it was leaked, it was very well true but like I mentioned previously, it could all change at the whim of a producer or director changing their mind, or money, anything really can change the entire script or plans for a movie or show.

              My wife has worked in the industry. She worked on Fear The Walking Dead a few years back. She would spill some secrets to me and then a few days later they would all change.. You know how many Walking Dead spoilers I could have spilled back in the day but didn’t? She signed NDA’s so we didn’t really feel like getting sued by AMC cause if they knew who I was, they could easily trace it back to CHU back to me.

              I think the end result of all this talk is, speculation is exactly how it’s defined, it’s based on rumors, half truths and only partial information provided. Buy low, sell high if you’re trying to make money from it. If you’re just a collector, well, try to buy low so you’re not losing money collecting the things you want to collect and if you’re a reader.. well shit, if you missed out, there’s always trades and hardcovers.

              That’s my two cents..

    1. I own all three books two copies of Lucia and Echo and one copy of Firestar which was in a weekend specs long ago. So you think I would be positive about the news I just dont want to see anyone paying the $50 new going rate for these books on completly unbacked information.

      1. They are still less than $10 with 9.8 selling in the $60 range. Hell of a Dell Otto cover to boot. I have no vested interest other than the potential news. And a lot of information will be unconfirmed until official announcements. And please note the title has always said “rumor”. Until it is confirmed it is a rumor.

        1. “Until it is confirmed it is a rumor.”

          Speculation is built on rumors.. we are still a spec site right? Or are we a completely 100% facts based website that only posts the information when we know it’s 100% true, like after the character appears on the screen and in the credits when it’s all too late and everyone’s already done sold their copies and moved on to the next speculation and rumor? 😉

          1. A speculation website that posts spec from outside sources …. what is this world coming to?

            You can find a lot of this same information on Pay sites. If i was paying for it THEN i would be mad. Until then i will buy up cheap copys on long shot spec books.

      1. Well me personally wouldn’t tie a reliable reputation to Firestar appearing in Shang Chi thats something I would read on Reddit and go that doesnt make any sense. Besides all the points listed above, I dont even think Firestar and Shang Chi have been in a comic together ever. Probably doesnt matter anyway what I hear Shang Chi’s plot is a lame ripoff of Mortal Kombat.

        1. And in Walking Dead, Carol was suppose to die at the prison, not turn out to be some show badass still alive well beyond the Whisperer Wars… So, casting calls are meant to be misleading at times. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite of who and what. I think you’re overthinking this too much..

  6. I have a set of these Secret War del Otto covers. Considered getting them signed at one point. Some of my favorites of his. I can’t even remember what the series as about… but keep he books for the cover…

  7. Nothing against anyone but there’s a bit of favoritism in here and it’s readily apparent. The first comment in this thread made by Alana was that they had published the rumor after buying all the copies up. Crickets. As soon as someone else, (NotJon) mentions the same thing, he’s interrogated and asked for proof. Just pointing out the facts.

    1. I wouldn’t say I interrogated NotJon. The asking of proof that the source was pumping and dumping and buying up all the cheap copies was directed at anyone/everyone who stated it. The fact that there were copies as low as $4 on eBay at the time I posted the rumor is proof that the leaker didn’t not buy up all the cheap copies to sell. No favoritism at all. I will say that Alana has been around forever and has contributed frequently to the site so yes there will be some leeway given.

      1. That’s my point. She says it in the first post and you and everyone else conversed with her never once asking for proof from her. Not once, but as soon as someone else mentioned it they were questioned and asked for proof.

        1. I responded initially to her second message which said it wasn’t even his article. I don’t always read messages in order because of the way they show up. So when I addressed Alana initially it was based on her second comment. Pretty simple explanation. Not favoritism not an attack on NotJon.

  8. Maybe not interrogated but badgered maybe? Lol. I’ll replace it with questioned. Your first response to him was 8 sentences long with 5 of them being questions.

    1. I think my first response to him was a single question asking if he knows the guy sells comics. Yes my follow up had a bunch of questions in it but most of them were essentially asking if NotJon knows that the original leaked sells comics, because I had never heard that. And I followed it up with that if he had proof I would be very interested in seeing it. I think you are adding emotion or intent to a response that I didn’t have. Text is bad at showing intent, inflection, or emotion.

      1. Everyone that buys comics will sell them at some point unless they plan on making a coffin out of cgc cases and being buried with then.

        1. Lol. That’s the way I plan on being buried. Save me some money and I hear that cgc coffins keep your body 9.8 forever. (My body is roughly in 4.5 shape though, I could use a pressing.)

              1. You know, I’m tired of every grade ending with 0 or 5 until we get to the 9.X’s.. I want them to to truly grade on a more finer scale.. I want 9.7’s and 9.5’s.. throw in some 9.1’s for crying out loud. And that extra water stain on the 1.5 knocks it down to a 1.4..

  9. After 56 comments, I’m still just trying to figure out what/who a Lucia Von Bardas is! 🙂

  10. The article for Lucia and Firestar both came around the same time on the 20th from the same guy Daniel Richtman. So if you look at sales for 1st Firestar they starting moving in a little bit around the 13th, 14th, and 15th and they all the sudden all the high grades and cgc copies move on the 19th the article comes out on the 20th 🤔 Kinda Strange all these copies moved before the article was posted, I love when people ask me for evidence

    1. What date did it post in Daniel’s Patreon? You are saying he bought up all the copies? See, that’s what I am trying to understand you are saying.

    2. This isn’t proof he’s selling though and doing it to pump and dump.
      This is just evidence that people knew before it was more widespread and posted by Daniel. If you think he’s pumping and dumping books himself, please do, find he proof and post… 😉

      1. if all the books were purchase by the same bay account it would be proof. I personally do not have the time or energy to check every listing before the article was posted to see if they are the same buyer. Yes buyer names are obscured but you can usually tell by the abbreviated hidden name if they are the same buyer.

  11. In the end it doesn’t matter if Lucia, Firestar, and Echo all show up I’ll sing his praises and assume Shang Chi will Tank in the box office. If he’s wrong you can still call him legendary leaker just not in reference to comics.

  12. How is Wolverine appearing in doctor strange 2 a stretch? The title is multiverse of madness. It’d be a great way to introduce a bunch of new characters including the x-men and fantastic four.

    I’m getting pretty sick of your claims of the person who “broke” the story bought up a bunch of copies before posting the article. Show proof or shut up about it. It sounds like you’re upset because you didn’t get copies before the prices went up. Don’t make baseless claims without providing proof. Cheap copies being bought by different buyers before the article was put out proves nothing.

    1. If anything it shows it may be worthwhile to pay for his group. I’m sure if you pay you’re getting info sooner and then you can potentially scoop up cheap copies before the info becomes common knowledge.

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