Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 122

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Hope you are all well, safe and, getting back to normal. I am doing this weeks gems and then taking a short staycation. Yes, that sounds weird but I just need to recharge and unplug for a bit this world is just weird lately. Now let’s make the money on some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Spiderman Saga #4 – this retells the origin of Venom. This is a reprint series but it reprints the origin of Venom and everything venom is hot, hot, hot. Look at books like Spiderman Venom 3D, True  Believers Spiderman vs Venom, and even the first reprints of Spiderman #300 which are in trade. (Remember the wisdom of Larry from Larry’s comics, trades are back issues with thicker spines so Spiderman Venom and Todd McFarlane Visionaries Volume 1 need to be hunted.  Spiderman saga #4 is  $5-15

2. Comics Feature #43 – classic 1980s fanzine. This has a Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns preview and might be the second appearance of the Dark Knight Returns Batman after the DC 50th Birthday Preview that features the Watchmen And Dark Knight Returns. Where is Topher S. when I need him? $25

3. All Star Squadron #25 – I am loving Stargirl. Half the fun is seeing what members of the JSA will show up next. Slight spoiler, I repeat this is a light spoiler, so go watch the last episode of Stargirl and come back or just read on if spoilers do not bother you….. The Lantern Battery lights up and I believe we will get either Jade or Obsidian, or both in the next few episodes. Alan Scott’s kids are amazing , this is there first appearance, and it is pretty cheap $5-15

4. Spiderman Unlimited #8 – this is the first written work by Joe Hill, the Locke and Key, Road Rage writer,  son of Stephen King, Joe Hill. This is a tough find but a must for any Joe Hill fan $20

5. Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special – this came out in 1995 and was a special mail away comic from Applejacks, yes Applejacks, that weird tasting, so called breakfast cereal. all star wars books are on the rise and finding this in high grade is tough as the polybag is almost always scratched $10

6. X-Force #99 – New Mutants are still coming to the movies and Demon Bear is going to be in it. New Mutants is going to be an awesome horror/super hero mash-up. Demon Bear and Dani Moonstar both appear in the issue and it even has a cover by New Mutants cover artist an all around superstar Bill Sienkiewicz. This is such an under rated series that went through so many different changes, but this can be found for less than $10.

7. Detective Comics #38 Blockbuster Reprint – yes Blockbuster video, ask your parents what a Blockbuster was. Back in the day you had to go to a store and rent a vhs tape or a dvd disc. Today you just download them to a phone wtf? Well Blockbuster had some neat promotional items including this reprint of the first Robin, Dick Grayson, this came out during either Batman Forever or Batman and Robin, the two really bad 1990’s Bat-films. There is also a Toys R Us reprint (you may need to ask your parents what a Toys R Us is too, heck all the good toy stores are gone, KB, Lionel Kiddie City) that came in a three pack with reprints of Batman #121 and Detective Comics #359. With the original of Detective #38 costing thousand of dollars, this might be a better option $10-50

Well that is it. Stay safe and stay well, use those gloves, wear your
masks and learn to just get along. Thanks for being a great blessing in
my life and take care
blind adam out

10 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 122”

  1. Lionel Playworld was what it was called in Phoenix in the 80’s bought my Nes there and later my Sega Genisis right when they were going out of business got the secret wars Doom tower for $1 and the Heman movie toys for .50 each clearance closing sale.

    1. I worked for KB when they were going out of business and liquidating. I got a ton of the Marvel Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider figures dirt cheap. I was making a killing off them on eBay. I did manage to keep one figure of each which I had opened and rescued the comic from inside.

  2. I wow the secret wars tower of doom.that brngs back memories.i worked at tower records and scored a few of those tomb radier&angel variants they produced .ask your parents what a tower records is as well amazon killed thje record store and the toy store and put Jeffery out of work dam you amazon dam you and your amazing prime love you guys blind adam out

    1. I have a ton of Tower Records variants. Bought a bunch when tower was going out of business. Pretty much cleared out their toys and comics when they were closing down in Annapolis.

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