Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 290th edition (and the 9th quarantine edition) of the open forum!

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

60 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. I’ve been buying up Gwenom stuff… not feeling any spec worthiness in any of tomorrow’s releases. Might regret not picking up Thor 5 though – we’ll see!

    1. I paid $750 on eBay from a seller with 100% good and good amount of feedback. I’m still on the lists
      and will try to get more to sell on eBay and recoup any loss on this one. A good friend of ours is a store manager at Target she said she should be able to get two one for us and her husband. If anything I ain’t got to worry if I sleep in the day the announcements go out since I already got one confirmed system from eBay. It youre a Target Red card member for more than two years there’s a good chance target will email you and allow you to preorder before the general public is what I’m hearing.

      1. Sounds like too much effort.. I’ll wait 6 months after release… walk into any store that sells them and buy it then, along with a lot more games that will be available. 🙂

        1. PS4 hit the market in November of 2013.. so yeah, every 7 years.. I can wait a few months with still plenty of time before the next console likely hits the market. 🙂

        2. You probably be able to get one Black Friday online if you miss out on the first wave of preorders. The only problem is they are still being further impacted by COVID and the amount of units they can produce before release is trending downward.

            1. I look at it as a spec tool that way I can spec off the Miles and Avengers video games day one at least that’s what I tell myself but still don’t have a heat press ?

              1. Yep and no one knows the price yet, the only place that had live preorders PlayAsia had the US model with disk drive at $699 listed for like 2 hours and I wouldn’t preorder it from there myself since they ship out of Hong Kong and I’ve had problems with buying launch systems from foreign countries I had the PS3 get stuck in customs because it didn’t have the proper laser declaration and had to cancel it and scramble to find one elsewhere that holiday season.

                1. I’ll tell you the price.. it’s gonna be around the initial price the PS4 was, maybe $100 more or so.. probably a bit more for the Blu-Ray version from the all digital, cause laser beams cost extra. What it won’t cost is $1300 or more.. if you buy a PS5 for that much, you got way too much money and you should give it to me instead. I’ll invest it in the 3 months you can wait to get the PS5 for retail and it’ll be like you getting your PS5 for free.. 😉

          1. Why would anyone not just wait until they release? Its not limited edition. You just walk in and buy one. Or you can trade in your ps4 to get money off and probably get a deal black friday. On top of that there’s only gonna be a few games to choose from.

              1. Well, it probably comes in a different box! Now, if only they didn’t make a million of them. I’ll still try and get one.

                1. Heh, true. To each their own.. I’m a patient guy.. I’m the guy who waits 2-3 weeks for movies so I can see them in the middle of the week and day so I have the theater all to myself. 🙂

                2. Due to the Corona there’s not going to be a huge production before the end of the year and they saying 30+ games at launch. Where I live it can be a problem finding a new video game system so I preorder everything it was almost 9 months after its release I saw a Xbox1 on shelves here.

                1. Which is odd cause this is something that will continue to be produced… it’s not like they’re gonna make 100 of them and just …. stop!

  2. Picked up earlier this week for $276 the following books:
    Annihilation conquest 1-6
    Annihilation – 1-6
    Annihilation conquest Prologue
    Annihilation wraith 1-4
    Cable 21
    Xmen V2 133, 134, 205
    Xforce 11
    Hulk 441
    Spider-Man 2099 – 35-38, 40
    Star Wars legacy 0 1/2, 1-30
    Emma frost 1-18
    Young avengers 1-12
    What if planet hulk
    Xmen origins – gambit
    Beta ray bill – stormbreaker & godhunter series
    And a bunch of other similar books that I’m forgetting. Good score.

  3. Thor 5 1:25 variant has been clocking over double ratio. Would have thought that bandwagon was full by now. But I imagine a lot of stores locked in this order when they were barely reopened, and some didn’t want to take the risk.

    1. Some retailers got a lot but it won’t be like batman 92 1:25 where places are selling 50 copies and ordering 1000 of the regulars.

  4. I’m picking up:

    -Bounty Hunter 3 (got the Golden variant on hold even though I prefer Cover A);
    -Empyre 0 Avengers ( I have always had faith in Ewing and I’m glad he’s getting his day right now);
    -Thor 5 (FOMO).

    1. Reasonably successful LCS trip. This was my first Wednesday visit in probably a year.

      I ended up with my pulls listed above, but also got some nice dollar bin finds: Spider-Man 2099 (vol. 1) #1, and Justice League Dark #1.

    1. It’s action packed for sure and the art holds that up. The story is pretty creative. What could bring a bunch of Ayn Randian self-reliant, narcissistic bounty hunters together? A common enemy. Who’s a common enemy? A traitor to the bounty hunter code. You’re not getting any major character notes out of Boba Fett, Bossk, or Valance. Valance is half robot, Boba Fett might as well be, and Bossk is a reptile from a warrior species. What character depth do they really have?

      There are some new characters with vested interests in the hunt, though. Hopefully they survive and we see them in some ongoing. Aphra’s shoe-horned into the mix as well. That’s all well and good because she brings Black Krrsntan along.

  5. Why is there so much FOMO on thor 5? Isn’t Thor 2 the first winter app? I read the spoilers on here (thank you very much by the way) and besides being a great story and reveal, I don’t see the huge pop for it.

      1. I think people are just primed to expect new characters, ideas, and storylines from Cates and so there’s no secret about picking up hi stuff. You do it.

        It seems Black Winter is an omniscent shapeshifter. He [SPOILER]……………………………………………….. matches Thor’s appearance because it’s convenient and timely right now.

        1. Yeah, takes the form of whatever he wants.. So honestly, after rereading #2 and rereading #5.. I’d have to say since this guy is basically a metaphysical omniscient type of figure.. #5 would or could be the “First Full” for the guy.. or gal.. whatever it is.

              1. Yeah. that’s a relatively inexpensive pickup. It’s a reprint of 162 and 169, though. I’ll be back issue diving at my LCS today.

                1. Ah! I used to have it. Picked it up for a buck at the time. I might grab it again while it’s cheap. If I remember correctly the wonderful Bob Layton cover was embossed.

      2. Also, come to think of it. Since Black Winter is sort of like dark matter or black hole… The cameo before the cameo in issue #2 happened in the first issue of the series when Galactus was describing Black Winter…

      3. It’s a Black Cloud so 4 panels there of a Black cloud makes #2 a 1st full appearance. Also if you can’t write in the continuity of character you probably should be writing something else. Donny Cates is always the #1 person stepping all over any continuity that Marvel comics had before he showed up and you all love it, I will never understand:

        1. I’m with you, Alana. Cates’ stories don’t make any sense. I read Absolute Carnage over the covid lockdown and there were so many glaring plot holes that just make no sense among the established Spider-Man mythos, and Cates just shoe horns them into the plot just to try to make the writing plausible. It’s annoying af. It’s not smart writing, it’s an example of the laziest writing I’ve ever read.

          1. I still don’t know where that Free Comic Book Day Venom story takes place in the scheme of things. It was completely out of the narrative and didn’t fit anything that happened.

  6. Last week or so has been fun, picking up:

    Green Lantern #20 (Jessica Cruz)
    Icon #1 (Collector’s Edition, still sealed)
    Action Comics #9 (Calvin Ellis app)
    Amazing Spider-Man #5 (2nd Silk)
    Spider-Men II #1 (1st Evil Miles)
    Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual 1, 2, 3
    Superman #14 (recalled cover, Gold Lantern)
    Tales of the Green Lantern Corps 1, 2, 3

    There have been some more of late, but I’ve been focusing on all the GL character debuts for the fun of it, in case the HBOMAX show takes off. They’re relatively all inexpensive considering they’re mostly around 40 years old.

    I can’t believe no site is covering the mania surrounding Calvin Ellis…they’re all over ebay, whether selling or sold, with the variant hitting $40 on what seems like just a rumor.

    1. Most of the chatter about Calvin Ellis was all last week when they hype train hit on it. There was plenty of discussion and articles at the time. The spec hype just moved on from it since then. Also quite a bit of the hype died down a bit given that there wasn’t really any factual creedence to the hype…just some pure guess work by a site that is known for poor reporting.
      Still a great pick up of course!!! No denying that!

      1. Any specifics? Other than the “big 4” of Hal, Sinestro, Stewart & Gardner I’ve got all the newer humans and all the supporting aliens. lol I’m hoping Ch’p becomes DC’s Rocket Raccoon.

        1. Star Sapphire, Atrocious, Sinestro, Parallax, Saint Walker, Gorilla Grodd, Indigo tribe. I’ll do a weekend specs for it after this weeks coming one.

  7. Great week of new books and spec pick ups!

    Reading books:
    Year Zero #2A -issue #1 was a great read and I’m still a sucker for zombie apocalypse
    Die #11
    Thor #5
    Thor #5 (Esad Ribic 1:25 variant for $22)

    Spec books picked up:
    Spiderman #20 (Miles Morales police cover X3 for $3 each)
    Kanan #1 (Rebels variant cover X2 for $9 each)
    Kanan #1 Cover A ($2)
    Kanan #6 Cover A ($2)
    Batgirl #11 (2012 early Artgerm-$2)
    Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #1 (NM $15)
    Silver Surfer Black #5 (1:100 variant for $7)

    Good hunting everyone!

    1. Ok…yep…I’m jealous as heck on that haul. Sheesh…those were some amazing finds and crazy prices! Well done!

  8. I actually made it out to the shop this morning…

    I picked up 3 x Thor #5, nabbed 2 x Sleeping Beauties #1 Jana Heidersdorf Variant and the Diana Naneva Variant (all at cover price… yeah)

    Grabbed their final copy of Immortal Hulk #34, grabbed last weeks Strange Adventures #2 as I’ve been wanting to read this series… Bleed them Dry #1 and Rogue Planet #2.

  9. anyone see the trailer for the appletv+ adaptation of asimov’s “foundation”? looks really good. the books are amazing.
    no comic spec here just really excited for a new highly-produced live-action space opera based on classic source material.
    still havent given up hope that someday dan simmons’ “hyperion” series will get the same treatment! man that’d be fun.

    1. Dark Horse has not shipped floppy comics since books came back, DC has no books coming out next week because of switching distributors. Dynamite has 32 Vampirella covers out next week (not an exaggeration.) Marvel has nothing new either. Gonna be a good week for indy books

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