One to Watch: Venom #26 Marvel Wednesday Variant

Here is an interesting one for a few reasons that may be worth a grab. Venom #26 Wednesday Marvel Variant.

We know that Venom #26 will have the first full appearance of Virus. It’s a pretty interesting issue. There are going to be a ton of retailer variants for it. With each of the 3,000 print run retailer variants on the market. But from what I am hearing, not many stores went big on the Venom #26 Wednesday Marvel Variant, couple that with the ton of ratios, and this one is supposed to be close to a 1:25 variant without it having been limited. Just not heavily ordered. PLEASE NOTE: PREVIOUS INTEL FROM THE RETAILER WAS WRONG ABOUT THE COVER ART. THE ORDER LEVEL STILL STANDS.

And do not worry. Marvel isn’t doing a theme “day of the week” cover. With DC going to Tuesday releases, Marvel is doing the Wednesday cover in honor of what has always been our favorite day of the week, New Comic Book Day!

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    1. There is another version of this one which is the secret variant. I saw the artwork for it. It was being sold by Unknown Comics and Street Level Hero. It is sick!

      1. Wait. Are you talking about the Tyler Kirkham? I don’t know I want to spend $20 for a cover featuring the same character 30 other store variants will have that is not even in the book.

        1. I may be wrong here, but I thought wafdawg was talking about the B&W Ink cover variant for the Venom #26 issue Tyler Kirkham did. I *think* it’s more limited than the color virgin. FWIW I’ve ordered a copy already.

          1. I was talking about another one but just went and got me 4 copies of the b&w white. Can’t find a picture of it anywhere but I saw it on a YouTube video.

      2. I believe that’s the second print of Venom 25 which has the Trade Dress. The one cover Unknown and SLH did is the same cover but without the Trade Dress… It’s a wraparound Virgin for 26.

  1. Here’s a crazy thought…
    Mark brooks was supposed to have a 1:25 for venom 25 but that disappeared.

    Here’s hoping he’s the secret cover for this.

  2. Wait, are we getting a real cover for the Wednesday variants? I mean the press release that websites put out say, “Marvel is back with new comic book issues on July 15th! Since Wednesday has been known as “New Comic Book Day” for many years, Marvel is offering up a reminder in the way of these variant covers. Retailers can use them in stores to remind customers that every Wednesday is the day for new comics and to Make Mine Marvel!” Seems like it’s the boring cover.

      1. I heard / saw it as well in my retailer news letters. Now im wondering whAt the cover will look like or if its even true.

        1. Makes me wonder about the other covers as well? A few titles I tend to pick up..but could be interesting if any of them have artists I follow or a particular nice piece of work. I asked for the Venom cover to begin with just so I had the variation for my collection. I passed on all the others initially.

  3. Remember when Venom 26 was solicited with a cover B (Variant Guile Sharp Dark Marvel Cover)? I hope that’s what’s released as the Wednesday Cover Art.

  4. This news is still less weird than the email I just got from DC about Batman Three Jokers variants. I’m sure Anthony has an article coming (at least as soon as someone sends him the email). But it might be the most ridiculous marketing stunt I’ve seen since Marvel asked people to destroy DC’s books to get variants.

        1. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I’m sure those who do order will bank off the uber rare variant since I doubt most shops are going to order 450 copies of this book.

  5. Stegman’s art for #25’s Pages 28-29 (for sale on on Felix) says first appearances of Virus and “Future Venom”.

    Future Venom?

  6. Just stopped by to let you know how wrong you were Anthony on Marvel Wednesday Variants. The Venom 26 is a Purple Cover with title name “Venom” and “On Sale Wednesday”.. No secret art as speculated. Big fail, I hopy you guys didn’t go bunkers Pre-FOC.

    1. Hi Tuco. Thanks for stopping by to tell me. I saw the cover. Sadly part of that was right. The retailer did say the cover was going to be art and was cool. He was wrong. The second half of it was the the cover was very under ordered by retailers. That part still holds true and the book is still selling in the $20 range before release. So while I am sad that it didn’t turn out to be cool art as stated, it’s still a $20 book. Cheers or as they say in Australia where you are checking in from, G’day

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