Spoilers: Thor #5 – Here Cometh Black Winter?

Thor #5 is out tomorrow and we got spoilers. Everyone loves spoilers right?

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you cannot simply unseen. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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25 thoughts on “Spoilers: Thor #5 – Here Cometh Black Winter?”

  1. It still just a black cloud that takes Thor’s likeness at the end and Galactus is already a herald to Omnipotentence from Moongirl #28 I guess none of his masters care he serves someone else.

    1. Reread Moongirl 28-30 don’t see how anyone could take control of Galactus as a Hearld from Omnipontentis the power level is greater than even Eternity, Phoenix, the whole Marvel universe. This isnt even long ago like 2years Donny Cates should know this he was doing Thanos at the time with Cosmic Ghostrider and The Fallen one.

      1. Lets be logical about this. Who is more powerful then ominopitetis ? I would put my money on the beyonder. So if black winter consumed the entirety of the previous universe, would that put him in the same power class as the Beyonder?

        As far as who his master is, one could argue it as follows: I was married to Jane, then to Janet but now im sleeping with Tracy. Who is my master ?

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        1. Maybe the wife has been browsing to treat you to something special then.. I get ads for things my wife searches on amazon and other sites all the time since we’re originating from the same IP.

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  2. If Black Winter gets half the love that Knull gets this comic is major. It would appear that online comic shops in the UK agree. Those that had stock are selling for £9.99 straight out of the gates for cover A.

  3. @agentpoyo, or any other, I am wondering is Thor 5 consider Black Winter Cameo/full appearance. Cause I’m reading on Marvel wiki and it says he shows up on Thor 2 but all I see is just a reference by text no appearance.

    I see peeps selling Thor 2 and saying his 1st appearance for $20. That book I see no appearance. What gives.

    Any direction would be much appreciated.

  4. The LCS vet of over 25 years said Knull. He had his 1:25 marked at $79.99, and the first guy that saw it, grabbed it, and asked if he was sure that he didn’t want more money? Lol! Comic books. I did reserve 2 A’s, cause Thor has been FIRE, pretty much straight-through, since the God of Thunder run, imho. I, for one, really dug Del Mundo’s psychedelic Thor. Ribic’s art is phenomenal. If he ever consistently nails facial expressions, he might make his way to the top of my favorite artist list.
    Also, I feel like I need to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to Thor, at all, until the MCS. If only they were making decent Iron Man books…

  5. Sales on uk ebay of 15 pounds for standard cover A 24 hours after release. I read an article online yesterday from Cates who said he has a 7 year plan for this Thor run. You beauty. Donny has done it again. Cheers for the heads up CHU. I cannot thank you enough.

  6. If a villain is too powerful, it can only be used in limited story situations. In most comics, didn’t Thanos lack all stones for infinity gauntlet? Best villains aren’t all powerful but popular enough to have their own books. For examples, wolverine, venom, joker, harley quinn, etc.

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