DC Connect Highlights: Joker War and 1:25 Variants

DC Connect is the ne DC catalog that has replaced DC Previews. Now that DC is out of Diamond this is the go to monthly resource for upcoming DC Books. Here are the highlights for this month.

Detective #1027 – the thousandth issue of Detective comics that Batman has been in, Available in regular and hard cover.

Batman Three Jokers #2 – this is cool, retailers will get packs of trading cards. Make sure to grab the promos to go along with the book.

Dark Knights Death Metal #1 – features a B cover by Peach momoko.

Batman The Joker War Zone #1 – fantastic, probably iconic Ben Oliver cover. The variant B cover by Derrick Chew that has been getting some buzz due to Stephanie Brown being back on the cover as Prowler.

Batman #98 – Harley vs Punchline round 2 and a 1:25 Catwoman character variant card stock Punchline cover by Francesco Mattina.

Batman #99 – Batman and Nightwing fight the Joker war. 1:25 Nightwing Cardstock character design variant. Derrick Chew Cardstock B cover featuring Clownhunter.

Batgirl #49 – Joker War tie in and great Batgirl cover by Mirka Andolfo

Superman #25 introduces a new villain called Synmar there is a 1:25 character design variant featuring the character

Wonder Woman #762 – features a new villain called Liar Liar and there is also a 1:25 character design cover for the villain

Flash 761 – Flash Family vs. The Legion of Zoom Inhyuk Lee B cardstock cover.
Flash 762 also features an Inhyuk Lee variant

Redhood Outlaw #49 looks like a character may die here.

Suicide Squad #9 – the death of Deadshot. Looks like Deadshot finally gets taken out.

Young Justice #9 – Stephanie Brown back as the Spoiler.

4 thoughts on “DC Connect Highlights: Joker War and 1:25 Variants”

  1. Seems like DC is fully on board with the incentive variant koolaid now. I could count on one hand the number of DC issues that had incentive variants in 2019. Now there’s 5 in this one post.

    1. Yeah. Dc is fully rolling out 1:25 covers. Part of the reason is I think retailers who do store variants wanted a crack at the covers in bulk when they do store variants. I know that sounds odd but when you are doing a 3,000 print run cover that means 120 additional ways to break even.

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