Incredible Hulk #606 – Is this the First Appearance of Immortal She-Hulk?

Welcome back true believers! With all the recent hype surrounding She-Hulk and her becoming the Immortal She-Hulk, I thought I would dive into the first time She-Hulk died.

Many are speculating on Civil War II #4. Me personally, I am diving head first into a cheap spec: Incredible Hulk #606.

That’s right,  issue #606 came out way back in 2010 and features the story line “Fall of the Hulks”. In this story She-Hulk faces off against Red She-Hulk as she try’s to escape an A.I.M Facility. The leader is watching and analyzing the situation when Red She-Hulk gets the upper hand and ….

Pretty sure she looks dead. As we all know, Immortal Hulks regenerate from their wounds.

While Civil War II is sought after, potentially driving up the price, this issue is sure to be thrown into the mix.

While we all know the market will change, I will wait to hear the words Immortal She-Hulk uttered before I buy into first appearance, because we all know, writers/creators love to make their own stories. Until then, enjoy speculating and I look forward to the discussion that changes my mind.

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  1. If “Immortal She-Hulk” does become a thing it may be a good idea to look into early issues like this but wouldn’t the better spec or a book of interest be where she wakes up or comes back from being dead-ish, such as in #607? Either way, I picked up an extra of each and the variants cheap. I never mind getting cheap ratio variants for a series I collect especially if they start to heat up for whatever reason.

      1. Let’s face it much of today’s market really enjoys spec like this if their are legit ties to what may be gong on to a specific story-line or character, even if it is only a possibility. I don’t think stuff like the whole “immortal” anything would have flown with collectors much twenty five years ago but things change.

    1. Wasnt story line in incredible hulk 606-609 actually revealed to be a life model decoy of she hulk,meaning no 1st app of immortal she hulk since it was a machine

  2. Thoughts about Immortal Hulk #6 Jennifer/She-Hulk and #7 where it appears Immortal Hulk clues her in to being immortal…

  3. It’s an ability not a name and a bad one at that since everyone that dies in comics has it and returns from the grave. We don’t call everyone Immortal it would be ridiculous the immortal Wolverine, the immortal Captain America, the immortal Peter Parker, immortal Superman, the immortal Gwen, immortal Deadpool, immortal Donatello, immortal etc………….

      1. The first guy with Immortal in his comic title is Ironfist and he’s not even immortal the power of the Ironfist is.

      2. It would be a good villain for Spidergwen to fight her evil zombie self like Miles has his evil 616 version. Think we could work Gwenom into that story too because who doesn’t want a zombie Immortal Gwenom.

    1. I tend to agree but just following the market and how it reacted to the Immortal Hulk I can see a chance here where the same thing could happen to She Hulk. Maybe smaller waves but still interest. I’ll keep a set of all these for the pc because I collect Hulk comics and the extras I got cheap if the heat is sill on when I get them I will gladly sell.

  4. Hulk 606 is as much of a immortal she-hulk first appearance as Civil War II #3 is the Immortal Hulk’s first appearance.

    All cheap copies flew off eBay today, though.

  5. Let me re-cap the phenomenal house of ideas creations in the not so distant past: Red Hulk, Yellow Hulk, Amadeus Hulk, Immortal Hulk, Immortal She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Immortal Red She-Hulk, Grand High Puba Chartreuse Rick Jones Hulk. Is there purple hulk? – I forget. Frank Cho Hulk (or is that the same as Amadeus Cho hulk or something? – who knows), War Hulk, Skaar Hulk, Ultimate Hulk, (Old man hulk ).

    That’s just the Hulk. Shall we go onto another character who has changed colors or a new gender or a new son,; or a new daughter or uncle or old or young, or new cousin or new big toe?

    And the coup de’tat is the 5th print of Undead Immortal Pink Hulk #1 is the issue that becomes hot and skyrockets out of this world after I poo pooed it as the dopiest of the dopey.

    It is crazy. It is painful. I have a headache.

    Now where are my Marvel Masterworks I need to go back and read again to alleviate this headache.
    Silly / headache induced rant over and out. 🙂 🙂

      1. But which old man Hulk because you know Donny Cates already retcond the hell out of oldman Hulk to Maestro not existing for his run on Thanos. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

      2. And by the logic of these books being first immortal she hulk one could make the case that 1st Maestro is 1st Immortal Hulk because thats when we find out Hulk cant die and live on eons into the future.

    1. I heard a fake, made up rumor that I just made up right now that Marvel bought the rights to Rainbow Bright so she can be the sidekick of the all new and very all different Rainbow Hulk!…..Takes place in Santa Monica… Who just happens to also be a character in the new series…Plays the female Santa Clause for some reason. Another well thought out series of adventures the whole family will enjoy!….unless they are from the deep south. Yay!

      1. Wait.. Hold on.. you’re shitt’n me right? Rainbow Bright? Marvel? Sign me up.. I’ve been awaiting this day for so long. My only question though is, how long before she’s deemed worthy enough to hold and wield Mjölnir? And she can ride that magical rainbow to and from Asgard, adding her sparkles to it?

  6. Every Marvel Superhero is “Immortal”. Can’t think of many that have stayed dead; but most have died at some point.

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