One To Watch Pre-Order: Empyre #2

Empyre is Marvel’s next big crossover. We know there are some changes in store for characters. We know She-Hulk is becoming Immortal, but there is another change coming for another character that may be of note.

Looks like Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel herself, is getting a new job title. Carol Danvers is going to become the Accuser, as in Ronan the Accuser. Not sure how it all shakes out but it will happen in Empyre #2 which was on FOC yesterday. There is also a pretty cool
Michael Cho Fantastic Four Variant
that catches my eye. Additionally, there is a 1:50 Variant and a second printing being released as well.

3 thoughts on “One To Watch Pre-Order: Empyre #2”

  1. 2nd print of Empyre #2 is going to be lowest print run in the group. If you have a source then i would grab it now while you can. I think Diamond is still able to take orders if you contact your CS today.

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