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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 291st edition (and the 10th quarantine edition) of the open forum!

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

93 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. Had a busy 2 weeks of flipping Miles & Gwens as well as other moderns that popped like Kanan #6’s.
    Turned those box fillers into low grade copies of Daredevil #1 & FF #49, Tales From The Crypt #43, Silver Surfer #3, Iron Man #55 CGC 7.5, Marvel Premiere #1 CGC 8.5.
    Found a Teen Titans #12 A at a shop for $1.75 ($3.50 and a 1/2 off sale).
    Life is good

  2. Y’know, I was looking at the clouds in the sky today and could have sworn I saw Black Winter…Or maybe awful movie Galactus… Or the Michelin Man man… Saw something very cloud like. Need to ask Cates what it was.

  3. Great week of pick ups since last Thursday:
    Static #1 (Polybagged and sealed $3)
    Static #1 Blue ($6)
    Static #38, #42 ($3 each)
    Static Shock mini #2, #3, #4 ($2.25 each)
    Secret Wars #1 (Legacy Miles cover 3 copies at $15 each)
    Antman Hip Hop variant $9

    Looking forward this week to pick up:
    Negan Lives
    Goon #11
    Boys Rebecca #2

    Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

    1. Oy. Call me an idiot, but I just bought those same two Static #1’s together on ebay for nearly $50. They’re gorgeous copies and I’m happy to have them…but damn. Great find on your part. I believe in the character and am excited to see the type of comeback that line makes at DC.

  4. Frankie’s finally shipped the Peach cover to Batman the Adventure Continues. It’s the only Peach cover I like, so I had to pre order it. Also got in 2 Harley vol 1 issues from a kind soul on facebook (he sent them to me for free), so now I’m only missing 5 issues for that run to be finished.

  5. If All-America Comix is truly a one-shot, then that is an incredibly frustrating issue. Pretty lame to end on a cliffhanger and character introduction when the whole issue has been a Marvel knock-off promising some big payoff. <sigh.

    I know it's Joe Casey's meta-commentary on America Chavez, but if it isn't going anywhere, what's the point?

      1. It is. The whole time you’re reading it, you’re like “ok, this is a clear Avengers knock-off complete with Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Vision, and Dr. Doom, but if it leads somewhere original and interesting, it will all be worth it.” Then it does lead somewhere interesting. Then it ends. Then the solicit says its a one-shot.

        The end.

  6. My LCS has negan lives variants for 50 & 200 bucks (apparently they had to check eBay) &.I read it & yea it’s a 5 dollar book

    1. Thats just sour grapes. These books were for fans to help retailers, sorry you couldn’t scalp a 1 per store to make a profit and expect a local business to pound sand. Dont be entitled.

      1. I’m not a huge Walking Dead fan. It’s not that I wouldn’t like it if I read it. I bet I would. It’s just one of those cultural events that I missed and never really caught up to. Happened with Game of Thrones as well.

        Having said that, today was the day I was going to give it a try. I asked my LCS to set one aside. Got to checkout with my three books, none of which were Negan. Owner asked “anything else?!” I proudly declared “Nope!”, paid and headed out. Got to my car and realized we both forgot the Negan. I had already sanitized my hands and taken off my mask. I shrugged and drove off. I guess today will be yet another day I don’t get into TWD.

        1. I have most of the trades up through Volume 26 if you really want to read it (I’ll cut ya a deal since shipping is gonna cost the most). Honestly I’d say if you read up through issue 100 and quit right there, maybe through the All Out War that went to issue #124… after that is when it really started to fall flat. Whisperers were meh but then after that towards the end it was just flat out blah..

      2. I’m not a scalper at all & actually I spend 60 bucks a week at my LCS mostly on cover buys, when the pandemic hit my LCS I spent 80 bucks a week to help them out on books in cases they put the prices to…you don’t need to run your mouth reckless on the internet you don’t know me & the negan book is not worth 200 bucks

    2. I’d say it’s more like a $1 book.. but again, bravo for Kirkman giving them away to help support shops (because he wouldn’t be sitting around with millions if it weren’t for shops and consumers). Sadly, I don’t think it’s gonna make much of a dent for most of them that are struggling.

  7. Anyone running into their LCS informing them that MANY books were damaged and they had to re-order? From what I gather, there are significant more damaged books coming from Diamond now than ever before. And there are far less books shipping. They literally have ONE job: ship books in near mint condition. I’ve had at least 2 of my regular pull books each of the last 3 weeks not available to me due to damage.
    Mercy 3 initially shipped to my LCS with the B cover only. They decided to wait for the A to come in to sell both. The A came in a week later totally trashed. Bent corners, dings etc. They had been shipped in too small a box!! Come on Diamond!

    1. They take your books and drop a cinder block on the hot ones before they package them. It’s always the hot books that get messed up. Negan books got completely destroyed at my LCS. The box shipping box is always perfectly fine.

    2. I’ve been having the same experience with orders directly from Diamond for the past four weeks. Especially with DC books. I usually only had about 1-5% of the books damaged, but lately it’s up to about 80% (no exaggeration). I had 100 Nightwing 71’s damaged, 100 Batman 93 (both covers) and unfortunately never even received 100 copies of the Star Wars Clone Wars.

      My overall experience with Diamond has been pretty good, but something seems to be wrong lately (at least here in California).

    3. I’ve had the same experience. In the last month I’ve probably had two dozen books where I got cover A and cover B in different weeks. Damages haven’t really been any higher than normal. But some of the packing choices have been really weird. I had three different boxes arrive the same week, each 10% full and stuffed with packing paper.

      I suspect, and this is only a guess, that Diamond had a decent amount of turnover during the Covid shutdown and restart. And they don’t have adequate supervision right now because whoever used to supervise is jumping in to help the lackeys.

      But fwiw, I got an email from Lunar last week “reminding” me that they do not guarantee NM condition of orders. I stared at my phone for ten seconds straight not believing what I was reading. Apparently it’s now just good fortune if you get nice books.

      1. “But fwiw, I got an email from Lunar last week “reminding” me that they do not guarantee NM condition of orders. I stared at my phone for ten seconds straight not believing what I was reading. Apparently it’s now just good fortune if you get nice books.”

        Well, there’s never any guarantees in life but one can always dispute the product they ordered.. but yeah, that’s pretty bold statement coming from Lunar. I can understand if they made such a statement cause once it leaves their hands into the shippers hands (or the fact they can’t inspect every single issue when grabbing from the pile as the damage could have occurred from the printer), anything can happen cause that’s out of their control but what should have followed after such a statement is, “We’ll do whatever we can to make things right if you do get damaged product.”

        1. I just received my first shipment from Lunar and couldn’t be happier. Not one damaged book out of 200+. I’d say most are 9.8s with a lot of 9.9s if I had them graded.

  8. Not that anyone cares what I have to say, but this is the Wednesday forum, where we can still talk about comic related experiences, supposedly…

    I have not been happy with them in the past but I am officially done with My Comic Shop. I made a big order last week and they shipped it with their weird UPS mail innovations/economy which means it starts out from UPS, but then transfers to USPS so neither of them can help me if a problem arises. The package has been stuck in Texas for six days with no movement, but since it hasn’t been ‘claimed’ by USPS, they have no info. MCS also for whatever reason listed it as ‘printed bound matter,’ which is conjuring images of people opening the box up to check it. This has turned into a headache I don’t need, the worst part being both services said I should contact MCS- which is the most useless endeavor of all. They won’t be sorry, they won’t offer anything back, they won’t be helpful, all they’ll do is offer a return once I finally get the books, which I know will not come unscathed after this ordeal. Even if it came to my state today there’s no way it’ll get here before the long weekend.

    MCS has to make everything so difficult- if it isn’t this asinine shipping method that helps no one (just pay to send it priority through one service, jerks) they don’t pack it well and there’s always bent corners with their stupid styrofoam just on the edges and no inner padding, unlike DCBS, which shipped same day as them and I got my package yesterday. I’m sure some are not sympathetic but we all need to vent sometimes, and for my part I’m at a loss what to do. And yes, pissed that MCS has to the gall to now charge tax on top of the shipping even when it exceeds $50 like they use to waive, so the more you buy the more additional money you’re out. You’re essentially paying 20 extra on a 130 order. It really is the worst online seller for your buck.

    1. I had this happen not too long ago. Basically it takes a few days for USPS to update it in the system. Also because of Corona virus it takes a little longer to get out to you. This is exactly the same thing that happened to me. Except I called USPS and had the rudest person ever on the phone. (It was like $1,200 worth of books too)

      1. Was it MCS or a different vendor? They seem to be the ones causing the problem with this weird UPS handed off to USPS package that goes economy anyway. They make it more difficult by half, I’ve had snail mail eBay cheap shipping that came faster. How long was yours held up?

          1. I just called the general number you google for, and they said they couldn’t do anything as there was no info, and I can file a claim a week from now lol. I wonder if you had the magic touch in the way you phrased it to get moving or checked on.

            1. Lol. No I actually got a very condescending woman at USPS. She got really mad when I called her sir because of her voice. She became very rude and I asked for a supervisor (you say your name is Jay and sound like a dude I cannot tell what gender you define yourself as, can only go by what my ears hear and she didn’t give her pronouns so i had no idea). Needless to say the supervisor was able to track it.

      1. The 10th?? I sure hope yours come okay, the issue with their packaging is it isn’t durable enough to stain long periods of bumping around as there’s corner ‘padding’ dents the whole box with a love tap.

      2. My last order with them they sent to my old address even though my new address was on my account and PayPal and the old address was deleted from both. They had no help for me no explanation so had to go through PayPal directly to get refunded because they didn’t offer me one.

    2. I haven’t had anything like that happen…yet, but I do wish they would combine shipping on multiple/separate purchases if they haven’t left their shop/wearhouse. I’ve called and they said the computer won’t let them…A total eye roll moment. They just don’t want to take the time to pack them together and refund the shipping difference. Outside of that no major issues

      1. For sure, they used to about a decade ago and then completed their descent into arrogance. Even friggin’ Mile High offers free shipping! I get about the new tax bracket but come on, they can’t seriously not offer free shipping and then not get you’re paying double fav for everything.

      1. So as the final insult to this whole mess, I got this nugget of information from the post office when I called (they were actually really nice)- not only is it delayed an entire week from the original expected date due to being designated as ‘printed bound matter’ (magazine snail mail), My Comic Shop only paid a whopping $1.08 to ship it even though they charge a full $5 minimum even for expensive orders. What the hell??

        I am assuming they’ve been doing this to everyone for years, and if they are only able to get away with it by singling out orders with trades and such as ‘printed bound,’ and sending it through the absolute slowest shipping method, that’s even worse. If they’ve been doing this for years they’ve been stealing, and I absolutely never buying from them again. UPS filed a claim on their own so we’ll see where this goes, but what an absolute crock.

          1. UPS and FedEx aren’t designed/equipped to deliver packages to every single residence either while USPS is already established/equipped to deliver to every address. This is another reason UPS and FedEx have mailing options that hand off to USPS. Yes, slow and seems tedious while saving UPS/FedEx from having to buy more delivery trucks and hiring more drivers. Handing off to USPS saves them tons of cash yearly by doing such methods.

            1. Well the other part of it is Mycomicshop charged shipping and handling. Handling includes price of materials used, boxes, tape, plus the man power to pull the order, package it, and get all the packages together.

              1. The only time I get upset at shipping prices is if I actually paid for something like Priority and it arrives with a Media Mail label on it. The few extra bucks for the packaging and handling is okay as long as it’s not a substantial amount (cause we all know how much cardboard and tape costs)..

  9. Anyone read That Texas Blood #1 yet?
    I ordered signed copies of each cover for $12.88 shipped from overseas. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

  10. Hopefully this counts as a Wednesday forum topic since I found out on Wednesday. I just CGC graded and shipped me the following book:

    Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith 1 9/07 Marvel Comics – Modern – 9.9 WHITE

    Unfortunately I need to sell it. Should I put it up for auction or test the waters with BIN?

    1. A 9.9? Very nice. Depending on how much you put into it and we all know this one will sell, I love auctions and usually have pretty good luck with them myself. It also reflects actual and true demand.

      Feel free to take advantage of exposing it more by posting in our For Sale & Trading category on the forums to link people to the listing, if and when that happens.

    2. I don’t know if you need to move the book immediately, but I really think if you wait just a bit, you may do even better with it just a couple months down the road. The Wraith one shot hits in Sept…and should absolutely involve a meeting/showdown between Wraith and Knull as Wraith’s entire story/existence is tied into it. Value may peak then.
      Congrats on that 9.9…imo..that is not an easy book to find to begin with and even tougher in nice condition. I have had 3 separate copies now that looked beautiful but had printing and ink errors on the inside.

        1. Heh, yeah, he has the worse luck at auction listings.. It is kind of messed up though. He saw my Darth Vader #3 first Aphra go for like $63 and then his goes for only $30…

          1. It’s all a matter of who’s looking when your auction ends. The preceding 6 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes have absolutely no value except as advertising for that final minute. It’s why I plan my auctions to end at 6 pm Pacific when most of the country is home from work. THat is, if I ever list an auction. Usually I’ll just do BIN with Best Offer. I can wait rather than take a lower price.

            1. Yeah, the only exception to auctions is, it’s a hot book that is in high demand. And yes, prior to the final few minutes, its just advertising your book. It’s why eBay charges extra if you try to go from 7 days to 10 days, 3 days = more exposure.

              I tend to go with BIN but if it’s a book I bought at cover or cheap and know I’ll get cover or more while just wanting to offload the thing to get out of my hair.. I’ll do auctions. If I do BIN, I check latest sold listings to price mine in what people are paying.

              And speaking of auctions.. I got a bunch of my Hip Hop variants (most are all charity auctions) ending within the day..

              1. Not really related, but kind of: A few years back I sold my Redneck #1 ashcan for like $45 I think. Today I won an auction as the only bidder at $4.99. That’s how it’s played. Long, patient, market mindset.

              2. I also have like $116 in Ebay Bucks I need to figure out how to spend. Got those from that AF15 purchase.

                1. You do auctions that end on Thursday night, I have my auctions start ending 9pm est. The reasoning behind it no Magic The Gathering tournaments as those take place Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun and believe it or not they buy comics too. Tv also sucks on Thursday and less people go out in preparation for the weekend.

                2. Sunday nights always work best for me for auctions. Saturday’s have been the kiss of death. Sold some books tonight. It is Thursday.

                3. Sunday there is just so many comic listings on eBay things can fall through the cracks. I

          2. Yeah I don’t want to cry and say I got screwed because they went for what they went for. But if i was a prisoner my room mates name would have been bubba

  11. You folks likely know already, but I’m not seeing much news on it…have you heard this is Dark Horse’s final year publishing Aliens and Predator comics? Marvel will be launching titles for both at some point…the David Finch promo art was cool as hell for each property. Story-content info at this point was at best non-existent, but it read like they’d be treating them like the Star Wars property in terms of the sort of titles that’d be coming out…could be fun for a little speculation.

      1. Dark Horse has been essentially a catalog publisher for a while, grinding profit out of collected editions. But they do still have some very profitable properties.

        Critical Role outsells Amazing Spider-Man in my shop. It was a top-10 title for us during this last 6-issue mini. The Avatar Last Airbender volumes were hard to keep in stock even before the Netflix launch, and I’m reordering them every week now. Last week I sold half a month’s shop rent just in Avatar trades. The Korra stuff doesn’t do quite as well but still sells. Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, the various video game comics, all move better than their Aliens/Predator new releases did.

        And they still do pretty well with their Manga.

        My one gripe is they don’t do enough with Hellboy. I could sell so much Hellboy if there was something worth reading.

        When it comes to the Aliens/Predator/Marvel news my HUGE concern is that all the backlist stuff is likely to go OOP for 2-3 years and even then will only come back if/when Marvel deems it worthy. The Dark Horse Star Wars stuff is at least sort of coming back in print, in bits and pieces. But there are Dark Horse Star Wars trades I could sell all day if they were still in print. I may have to lay in a couple years of Dark Horse Aliens and Predator trades before they disappear from distributors.

    1. I hope Marvel doesn’t mix Aliens and or Predators into their own properties though. These are different universes and I hate all the mashups.. I did enjoy Dark Horse’s runs on most of their Alien stories. I like Predator but haven’t been keeping up on most of those runs.

      1. Agree, but you know some director trying to make his mark will put Alien and Predator Easter Eggs in a Star Wars movie. Maybe the Predator will go against Mulan in the live action Mulan 2! Maybe an alien Queen will dress in Asian inspired robes with white face makeup and became the new sith lord….neat.

      2. I think Disney is going to develop R rated films under a new banner. I can’t see Disney tying their family friendly properties with R rated franchises.

    2. But this is not a surprise. Disney owns I think both Aliens and Predator movie rights now. I don’t think they needed to “acquire” the rights for the books, they just told Dark Horse they’re not gonna let them renew to retain the rights. 🙂

      1. If Disney keeps acquiring popular properties loved the world over it won’t be long before the potus becomes irrelevant and CEO’s of the biggest, wealthiest corporations rule behind the curtains….Hmm, kinda like the Alien/Predator franchise.

        1. Bezos just shattered the richest ever mark and is now worth like 176 Billion dollars.. imagine if he was still married to his former wife who got 25% of his wealth! Geez..

          1. It’s getting kinda nuts…Relaxing those monopoly laws years back is not going to bode well for the average person in the coming decades.

            1. Enforcing those monopoly laws stopped way, way, way, way, way before that. One of my first jobs as a lawyer was working in an anti-trust division of an attorney general’s office. My first assignment was literally small potatoes. As in, I was going after potato farmers for price-fixing. It’s real hard for the states attorneys general to go after the big corporations with their legal teams. The best they do is referee mergers with the SEC.

  12. From what I kinda understand R. Nixon accelerated the existing problems of wealth inequity. From what I know, R. Reagan drastically accelerated what Nixon had spun up.

    Fun fact: Reagan nixed the Fairness Doctrine. This is why we have fake news, and entire channels dedicated to fake news.

    Sorry, for the ‘tics.

    I hit up LCSes (sp?), around town, and the eBays, for David Mack (Bendis, Maleev, Quesada, Palmioti) Daredevil. The whole Echo thing led me to these books, which I had never heard discussed. I haven’t seen a lot of combined efforts, on covers, before. Some of these are other-worldly good.
    Echo, seems like a great character, especially when playing off of Daredevil.
    Typhoid Mary could, also, make a top notch movie character.
    Some of the interiors on these comics are just as stunning as the covers, imo.

    If you focus on Indy titles, along with the Big 3, then every week is heavy, and trying to track down high grade copies of runs is pretty challenging. Sometimes, you just have to wait for a good opportunity, down the line, to get a copy in decent shape. Apocalypse Girl, Barbara the Barbarian, Midnight Sky, The Marked, The Kill Lock, The Marked, Niobe, Stealth, Sonata, The AWA titles, the Joe Hill books, Bitter Root, Fuhrer and the Tramp, TMNT, and a few more.
    The large quantities of high quality comics makes one appreciate the delicate art of the mini-series.

    I got 2 copies of Marvel #30, from Mile High, last week (really cool Ahsoka/Yoda cover). Both were, and still are, in sealed bags. Their website is kinda sketch, so I was really happy when they arrived, and I could finally be sure that my order was successful.

    I hope everyone has a safe, happy, holiday weekend!!

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