Poyo’s Spec for July 8th, 2020

Welcome to this weeks spec and drek. This week looks a little more promising than the depressing last week for new comics.

DC Picks

Is that Batman crying cause he lost all his money or does something else occur in this issue of Batman #94? Why is Catwoman crying? We all got a sneak peek that DC sent out on who The Designer is, does it matter though if he’s dead? Unless they bring The Designer back in some way, that’s just dead spec at this point.

But with all the new characters making their way in the coming Joker War story line, there might be a few more surprises coming out of these Batman issues leading up to the war. Don’t overpay for the 1:25 Variant for this one, I have a feeling they’ll come down in price from what retailers might start off asking for them.

Batman #94The other pick for DC goes to Detective Comics #1023 which DC didn’t provide any spoiler pages or sneak peek previews of. Which makes me ponder if it’s got any hidden surprises. Plus, it’s a pretty cool Joker cover if you ask me. I pre-ordered this one just because of the cover.

Detective Comics #1023 Joker WarMarvel Picks

Strange Academy #2. I just have good feelings about this title. It’s got future Disney+ show written all over it. Lots of potential and it’s already selling out at most online retailers ahead of release day (for those retailers that listed them).

Small and Independent Picks

Everglade Angels #1 is my top pick. It’s got some store variants out there but for indie books, go with Cover A. Already sold out at most online retailers.

Osiris Path #2. Already sold out just about everywhere I checked and none on eBay, just a few for the first issue where someone is asking $20 for it.

Super small indie books with super small print runs make great spec books if they ever get turned into a show or movie, or just a media option makes people scramble for them. Cheap gamble and as I have yet to read the first issue (since I forgot to pre-order and my local shop didn’t get them), could just be an entertaining read.

That’s all I got this week. A little bigger than last week but not as many indies hitting shelves.

19 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec for July 8th, 2020”

  1. Already got mine last week…nothing really happens but gotta buy all the joker war tie ins anyway because I’m a completionist…thought I saw joker/Harley secret files was coming out but I guess not?

  2. Speculators are going all bullish on Strange Academy all of sudden…slow release week. This is exactly the same as a beautifully crafted DC Gotham Academy several years back. I guess because its Marvel and first appearances speculation thats what fuels this book. I’m sure after issue 3 no one will care about it anymore.

    1. I’m bearish on Skottie Young. I fee he has an uphill battle against his past infamy as a gimmick cover artist. Don’t get me wrong, I wish him a long and successful run on Strange Academy, but he’s not exactly known for depth and substance in his work.

            1. Nice! I’ll probably grab one when this a-hole on eBay refunds must purchase. I used to have. Never should have gotten rid of it really.

    2. Well, DC sucks most of the time.. I hate saying that but their movies suck and most of their books/characters suck. The one reason I’m picking this is due to the fact Marvel now has Disney+ and I think they want this sort of thing for streaming shows.

    3. You may be calling it way too early on Strange Academy. Don’t forget that big push Marvel made with all the previews before issue 1. I agree with Poyo. I think Marvel may have big plans for Strange Academy. While we wait and see, I’m buying.

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