Spoilers: Captain Marvel #18 – The Accuser Accuses Who?

Of course, the Emperor finds out what she did and can’t believe it…

So how long will Captain Marvel stay as The Accuser? My estimate is not very long but we can certainly count that her newly discovered half sister is gonna be around much longer. I’d say this will be a first full appearance, for you appearance junkies.

You can still pick up Captain Marvel #18 at TFAW. They also still have the Mora Empyre Variant as well.

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7 thoughts on “Spoilers: Captain Marvel #18 – The Accuser Accuses Who?”

  1. So….what does an accuser do, anyway?

    I accuse you of…..being my half sister!! Ha HA!

    Uuuuhhh….now What do we do?

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