Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 294th edition (and the 12th quarantine edition) of the open forum!

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.
Back issues and recent releases going crazy

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

59 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. Anyone notice that TFAW is limiting a LOT of books to one per customer lately? I don’t think I ever saw a book limited to 1-per until this month. Possible they have cut back on their ordering numbers post-shutdown?

          1. TFAW is definitely making a lot of stuff one per very early. When I asked why a book was one per prior to FOC, they told me they’ve been being allocated.

    1. All I know is that I’m pissed about a lack of pies! We have a holiday in Utah called Pioneer Day this Friday. Us heathens call it Pie and Beer Day, eat pie and drink beer. I called my favorite restaurant to order a pie today and they told me they let their baker go because of Covid. No more pies. Is nothing sacred to this virus? Not even pies?!

      I know, off-topic, but I’m upset. I also just choked on a chocolate chip so today isn’t going stellar.

      1. Maybe he refused to war a mask.

        I had a bad day as well, Covid seems to have accelerated my 8 year old daughter’s mouth and attitude into her teen years…while it has done the opposite to her emotional stability,,,,back in the terrible twos…

    2. TFAW is definitely making a lot of stuff one per very early. When I asked why a book was one per prior to FOC, they told me they’ve been being allocated.

  2. In a recession, stores and customers tend to buy less. When cash flow is a concern, stores are worried about the risk of excess inventory.

  3. Got all my DC (great variant covers this week) & Batman #95 1:25 for my joker fix…thought it’d be 25 but then my LCS checked eBay as I walked in & immediately said it went up to 45 so that’s what I’m paying…empyre #2 tomorrow the sue storm cover & that’s it for the week…gotta say with all these events going on at the same time & all having about 40 tie ins (At 5.99) each…getting a bit tiring

    1. There are cheaper options on eBay than $45. Obviously you’re not getting the loyal customer discount.

      I’m hoping my LCS gives me a decent price for issue 96. He already said it wouldn’t be less than $40…but I get a 10% discount as a loyal customer so it’s alright if that’s his price.

  4. My buys this week:

    Strange Academy #1 2nd printing
    Strange Academy #2 Humberto Ramos Cover
    2020 iWolverine #1 Cover A
    Batman #94 Cover A
    Batman #95 (Card Stock F Mattina Variant) Joker War
    Detective Comics #1024 (Card Stock Lee Bermejo Variant) Joker W
    Green Hornet #1 (Cover B – Johnson) (APR201143)
    Empyre #2 (of 6)
    Amazing Spider-Man Sins Rising Prelude #1 (Artist Variant)

    Dark Nights Death Metal #2 (of 6) (Jerome Opena Lobo Variant)
    Strange Academy #1 Campbell signed
    Strange Academy #1 Skottie Young signed

      1. Yes, the end of the story says “Continued in Venom #26″… so this is chronologically before Venom #26, printed before Venom #26 but in consumers hands after Venom #26 which will likely result in Venom #26 the bigger winner for Virus, not counting Venom #25.

  5. If anyone is interested, Scout still has copies of the Direct Retail Edition (Limited to 1500), of It Eats What Feeds It #1, still available, as far as I can tell.
    The regular cover appears to be sold out?!
    Comic book collecting is super confusing, sometimes, lol… There might be a very logical explanation that I am just unaware of.

        1. I really liked the first issue. The cover, art, and story were all well done, imho. The comic feels timeless.

  6. Murder hobo is also still available from the website. That book got forgotten, but I enjoyed it (for what that is worth).

  7. No new books this week for me, but some great spec pick ups:

    Something is Killing the Children #3, #4, #5 (Cover A’s all for cover price)-these are selling like crazy. There has been a lot of heat on the incentives and FOC covers, but even the base issues are selling for $10-$19 each.

    Strange Academy #1 (Cover A-cover price)
    Strange Academy #1 (1:25 ratio X 2 for $25 each-gonna sell one and keep one for longer term)
    Strange Academy #2 (Cover A and Spotlight variant for cover price)

    Year Zero #1 (Andrews cover for cover price)-sold for $29

    Underworld Blood Wars #1 (Variant Kate Beckinsale cover for $12)-very hard book to find and a heck of a deal.

    Venom #25 (Cover A 1st prints 3 copies at cover price)-another book selling quickly at $17-$19 each.

    Good hunting everyone!

      1. I’m lucky to work within 15-25 minutes of 4 stores. So on my lunch hours I check them out. A couple of them order heavy on new stuff and typically have last 2-3 months of back issues on the shelves. I just look for books that are heating up and check them to see of they have them.

        Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t. Last week’s Catwoman couldn’t be found nor any TMNT Ronin ashcans….

  8. Been very happy with the AWA stuff so far. We signed up for their council when they launched and have ordered heavy on them trying to support a new publisher that’s doing things the right way. When DC decided to set the industry on fire, I cut my DC shelf orders by 80% and threw the extra money at Boom, AWA, and a couple other small publishers we like. Can’t tell you how happy I am that instead of 50 random shelf copies of garbage DC books this week I have 15 extra shelf copies of Year Zero.

    And my DC books have yet to arrive on their promised Monday. First delivery was on Friday (three days early). Second delivery was on Friday (four days late). Third delivery was Thursday (three days late). And this week isn’t here yet (at least two days late). I’m getting very close to the point of not even putting DC books out until a week after their release date just so it’s consistent. Haven’t had a Diamond shipment be late since the last blizzard. Every single new DC shipment has missed its delivery date.

    1. My LCS still hasn’t gotten their order in for Zero Year.

      @ the one guy who owns a shop- would you sell me one? Anthony has my info if you want to PM me or if your on the forum, you can PM me there.

      1. My LCS hasn’t received any DC books from the new distributor. 3 weeks of missing orders. The shop keep said he now cancelled his account with the new DC distributor because they are so so so disorganized and they don’t seem to care when he contacted them. 🤷‍♂️

        1. I mean I get that it’s hard to take on 1200 new accounts all at once and give them proper customer service. I get that. If one of my local competitors went out of business and I suddenly picked up 200 new pull customers, you better believe there would be some growing pains no matter how good my best efforts were. So I try to be understanding about the whole thing. And it’s all on DC. Had they done a 6-month transition period there would have been plenty of time for their new distributors to take on the load. But this is one of the many reasons why changing distribution in the middle of a pandemic was a terrible idea. Those new distributors still have to hire, and train, and supervise dozens of new employees all at once, all while social distancing, all while building out the additional infrastructure. I don’t turn a new employee loose with customers until they’ve worked at least 150 hours. I don’t let them work alone in the store even for 15 minutes until they’ve worked at least 400 hours. Adding capacity while maintaining service levels is HARD. But this isn’t DCBS’ or Midtown’s fault. DC hung them out to dry. They didn’t put the new distributors in a position to succeed, and that’s entirely on them, as surely as if I hired a brand new employee, turned them loose on their own in a week and then acted shocked when bad reviews started pouring in. It’s MY job to equip my team for success. It’s MY fault if they fail. /endofrant

  9. Eric has a sweet honey hole LCS it sounds like because there are ZERO deals like that in Phoenix. Those buys are ridiculously good!

  10. I just hit one of my LCS. Strange Academy was wiped except for 1 copy of issue #2. I was able to snag a free copy of the Spider-man/Venom. I also ordered the Midtown one as well. Got the pair.

  11. does anyone know where to order the sdcc funco pops.i need iron bob really bad.i also want that sweet stan lee&marty checking his watch and the micky with the surfboard is there a spot outside of ebay to buy them?blind adam out

  12. I found a TMNT #105 A for cover
    Heroes for Hire #4 1:15 for $7
    Wonder Woman #105 for $11
    Wonder Woman ##173 for $4
    Thor #2 3rd print
    Vlad Drac #1 (Dracula’s real story is mesmerizing and truly horrific.)
    Wynd #2
    Ranger Slayer #1 both covers and one copy of the spoiler variant for $9
    Bliss #1
    Strange Academy #1 2nd print
    The Search For Sadiqah #0 (This is a Kickstarter that was in an LCS for whatever reason.)
    Canto One Shot #1
    Kidz #5 A
    Xira #1
    No Heroine #1 A
    Fuhrer and the Tramp #4
    Hollow #1
    Joker War titles and Bats Beyond #45
    Middlewest #18 A and B
    I’m pulling Danger Devil, and I got #2, this week.
    AWA titles are pretty awesome. I picked up Billionaire Island, The Resistance, and Hotell from this week, too.

    Stay safe, and happy hunting!

  13. My pickups this week (at cover or slightly less with my discount) after hitting multiple stores over the last several days include…

    – Ascender #1 (1st print) x2
    – Catwoman #23A x1
    – Doctor Tomorrow #3 (Peach Momoko variant) x1
    – Strange Academy #1 (1st print) Wraparound design variant x2
    – Strange Academy #1 (2nd print) x3
    – Strange Academy #2A x3
    – Strange Academy #2B (Adams character variant) x3
    – Thor #2 (3rd print) x3
    – Thor #3 (1st print) x1
    – Thor #4 (1st print) x2
    – Venom #26 x1

    I also grabbed these variants…
    – Batman #95 1:25 ($30)
    – Doc Aphra #2 1:25 ($15)
    – Empyre #2 secret variant ($8)
    – Empyre #2 1:50 ($15)
    – Lords of Empyre Emperor Hulkling #1 1:50 ($15)
    – Wolverine #3 1:25 ($15)
    – Wynd #2 thank you variant ($7)

    Plus I got multiple copies of the FCBD 2020 Spidey Venom book.

    I was late to the party on Catwoman #23…these have disappeared. Venom #26’s are already history too. All Strange Academy and Thor issues are drying up as well.

    Happy Hunting!

  14. I got a Strange Academy 1 CGC 9.8 Momoko Virgin Variant from the comic mint. It was the last one!!! I think the Momoko and the 1:50 variants will go up in value the most, because a regular copy of the Momoko CGC 9.8 just sold for $299.95. There are still raw copies out there BTW.

    1. But they keep raising the prices on the website so you have very little time, they raised the Momoko Virgin variant $150.00 in the past 30 min.

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