Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 125

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Hope your well and safe. Hope your enjoyed San Diego Comic Con at home. The panels felt weird without the crowds. Missing the convention floor. Well 2021, is when cons come back baby. Lets keep this short and sweet, love you all, now lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that

1. Amazing Heroes #16 – what did you all think of the new mutants panel and new trailer? It looks great. Yes Marvel Graphic Novel #4 is the first appearance, and has 6 printings. The series ran for #100 issues and all the keys should be picked up. Now, this magazine was the Previews of its day and this pre-dates New Mutants #1 and Marvel Graphic Novel #4. It is the true first of new mutants and is a tough find in high grade. I think magic will steal the show as will Demon Bear so watch for New Mutants #3, 14, and #18 to sky rocket soon

2. X-Force #99 – I mentioned this one before but mentioning it again because it is awesome and the New Mutants trailer was so good. New Mutants are still coming to the movies and Demon Bear is going to be in it. New Mutants is going to be an awesome horror/super hero mash-up. Demon Bear and Dani Moonstar both appear in the issue and it even has a cover by New Mutants cover artist an all around superstar Bill Sienkiewicz. This is such an under rated series that went through so many different changes, but this can be found for less than $10.

3. Diamond Previews Magazine #219 – this is the only time that the infamous New 52 Batgirl #41 cover, the Joker/Batgirl torture cover by Rafael Albuquerque. It was a great cover and I believe if it was printed and not replaced the way it was, it would have been a classic the same way Detective Comics #880 is, but it was replaced and this is the only place to get it in print. I love this cover and have it on a shirt but I am Blind Adam and I am NSFW #testify $50 and up

4. Batman #92 SDCC 2020 Foil Variant – it is convention at home season and Graffiti Designs has their foil variants out for SDCC 2020. They did the Flash #750, Wonder Woman #750, The Joker 100 page special, the only sold out on the website, the Punchline cover to Batman #92 by Artgerm. There is also a Punchline SDCC shirt you can buy with Artgerm art on the shirt, it is boss, but Punchline is awesomesauce and here to stay $30

5. Spectacular Spiderman #107 – Nick Spencer is bringing back the Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was in one of the greatest Spiderman stories of all time, the death of Jean DeWolff. The story runs through Spectacular Spiderman #107-110. This storyline is key for a few reasons; the death of Jean DeWolff leads into Eddie Brock becoming Venom and Daredevil learns that Peter Parker is Spiderman. Very surprised that Spencer is bringing him back, but the one shot that came out, Sins Rising was a fun read and I am looking to the Sins Rising storyline. But compared to other copper/gimmick age era Spiderman keys, Spectacular Spiderman #107 is undervauled $10 and up

6. Superior Spiderman #25 2nd Print – I forgot this book had a second print. They once were found in 5 Below packs of comics. Now they are kind of hard to find and go for good money. Superior Venom appearance, and one time former Venom Flash Thompson showing up in an Iron Man Suit. Huh… Viris is in an Iron Man suit. Viris is talking about everything Eddie Brock has taken from him. Would be #awesomesauce if Viris turned out to be a Flash reborn. $30-$80.

7. Mad Magazine #255 UK Variant – I didn’t realize that Mad Magazine had British price variant covers. This is the Classic Mickey Mouse mickey mouse is the king of the world I love that mouse we go drinking together but that aside I was plesentally sursprised to find this price variant and prices are cheap $10-25

8. Heavy Metal Magazine #299 – This one slipped under the radar for a lot of people. Everyone knows the artist Peach Momoko is hot. This issue had a story by her and has dried up online. She also had stories in #288 and in #290

9. Die #6 – another Peach Momoko cover that people may not know about. Check you local store shelves because this one may still be out there.

10. Upshot Now #2 – Year Zero #1 is selling really well. It’s first true appearance is in the Black and White Upshot Now #2. AWA releases black and white full issues in the Upshot Now format. This has the full first issue in Black and White. Almost none on eBay (one listed as #4). A preview appears in Upshot Now #0 which also had a NYCC Variant.

well that is it for now. Going to re-watch the evening with Kevin Smith panel and eat some Pizza Hut stuffed crust stay safe and be well until next time

blind adam out

4 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 125”

  1. Not gonna lie. I have sold the heck out of Year Zero #1 but didn’t think of the upshot issues until I read this. Listed a signed copy and an unsigned copy after reading it.

    1. I like the superior Spider-Man spec, found 3 copies of the 2nd print at $10 each which seemed like a safe buy in for me. Speaking of x-force, another good spec book is #81, 1st Pele of Hawaii. With Aero and other Asian / Polynesian characters climbing, x-force 81 is a fun $1 binner to look for.

      1. The Pele that appears with Aero and the other Asian characters in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1-4 (2019) is a different character than the Pele in New Mutants (1998), and also different from the Pele in West Coast Avengers #71 (1991).

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