Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/29/20

Every week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands. Each with potential. We pick the ones we think will have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 7/29/20.

Kind of a small week for spec books. But still some good pickups.

Cover of the Week

Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #12 Cover B Variant Robert Hack Cover – I love the Robert Hack variants, especially his retro stuff. Not saying this will go for that much but just look at what happened the last time there was a World Weekly News Variant for X-Files Conspiracy

Returning Favorites
Sleeping Beauties #2 – First issue was good, this is a grab and hold for me, as well as a reader. Grab the Variant if you can find it cheap.

Pick of the Week
Spawn #308 – new character appears on Cover A. Not sure he appears in the story though. Still, Spawn fans are rabid.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Grit #1 – New Scout series. Awesome book in the vein of Spread. Check this one out.

Pick of the Week
Captain Marvel #18 – Carol Danvers’ sister makes an appearance and Carol gets the name “Accuser”. Already selling above cover on eBay and sold out online. This is a no-brainer. Check first.

8 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/29/20”

  1. Just wondering why you would say check Mycomicshop first? I will never give a shop business when they charge $18 for a comic on the first day of sale. Just my opinion.

    1. They didn’t use to be like that sadly. Why would I say check Mycomicshop first, 1. Because not everyone has local comic shops to buy from. 2. I said check them, not buy from them. If they jacked up the prices then look elsewhere. 3. Because unlike Midtown they don’t take 26 days to get books to you.

      Lots of good reasons to check them before resorting to eBay.

      1. But I thought people hated Captain Marvel why would this sell? Or why would there be a high demand for her I guess is my question, you mean its a no brainer for a quick flip only?

    2. Captain Marvel 18 was $3.99 tonight on MCS. They are almost always cover the night before. The only one I can remember recently that they raised an A cover the night before was Bats 89 and Hell Arisen 3. I got multiple copies of each at around $8 the night before when they were already going $30 online.

      1. I can validate that statement. The only time I’ve seen them sell comics above cover out of the gate was the Punchline debacle. They started at $8, then would sell out…then More copies showed up at $12…then sold out….then more copies showed up at $20…and so on.

        We’ll have to see what happens with Legends of the Dark Knights.

        But all comics tonight, including Captain Marvel 18 were cover for at least 10 minutes.

        I went for a copy of Thor 5 2nd for cover…that was gone quick. I never saw Thor 2 3rd print offered at all last week.

        But lots of online shops are playing the spec game as pre-order qty runs low.

        1. “But lots of online shops are playing the spec game as pre-order qty runs low.”

          Makes one wonder, do we really consider these people/shops as retailers who do this? I mean, it’s pretty easy to setup a website (probably do it in about an hour with minimal effort for basic stuff), apply for business license which can probably vary from state to state and relative easy and then go get myself a Diamond account and UCS/Lunar account to start selling. Seems like most of the online retailers are just speculators with Retailer Accounts nowadays…

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