Pre-Game Report for 7/29/20

Its been a while since we could do one of these. It feels good to have comics shipping again. Also feels good to have new comics popping again. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Regular Covers
Captain Marvel #18 this one is hot out of the gate. $12 -$14 average sale with Sets selling for $30

Spawn #308 – Again, sets seem to be where it is at, 3 issue sets have hit as high as $24

Grit #1 – Scout has had some great releases lately and this is another one. Has had a high sale of $14.99 for the regular. As always, look for secret variants or direct to retailer variants as Scout has been sneaky with them.

Buyer Beware
Symbiote Spiderman Alien Reality #5 1:25 Alex Saviuk Variant

This one was solicited as having this sweet cover.

However, this is the cover you get.

While not a bad cover, the prices on this one dropped to $25.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 7/29/20”

    1. If I was a shop that ordered based on the first cover, that’s grounds for a return of the books and a refund of the money. If Diamond refuses, well, we all know who would win that battle. You bought a product based on X but got Y.. If they’re smart they would just scrap it all and not even attempt to sell the virgin covers that ended up being completely different.

  1. I was gonna buy the 1:25 symbiote cover which I know my store was gonna raise up to $40 atleast…but I’m not gonna buy whatever this thing is

  2. Will that Fantastic ‘Original’ Saviuk artwork be available elsewhere at a later date I wonder ? It is pretty darned Cool & would be a great loss not to get used !

      1. No doubt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found back issues selling for $10-20 that were still available from Diamond. I was flipping early Rick and Morty issues last year at $20 each that were still available from Diamond at normal discount. But eBay, MCS, and everyone else had them in double digits.

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