Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 295th edition (and the 14th quarantine edition) of the open forum!

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.
Back issues and recent releases going crazy

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

76 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. Picking up the gorgeous Vampirella Red Sonja #9 Sampaio cvr tomorrow and that’s it.

    More Importantly, Bugs Bunny turned 80 yesterday. WHERE ARE THE BUGS BUNNY BOOKS!?!?

  2. Pick ups and preorders…..

    Death Metal Legends #1 x10 and a 9.8 CGC copy
    Death Metal Legends #1 1:25 Robin King variant
    Metal #3 7 copies in total most the RobinKing cover
    Ghost Rider #2 1st full Helstrom
    Thor #4 cameo. Black Winter
    Captain Marvel #18 x10
    Hawkeye 1-10 1st clown
    Thor #5 1:25 1st black winter
    One Punch Man FCBD
    Cable #2 1:25
    Empyre #3 Secret variant
    Ironman 2020 #5 1:25
    Legion of Superheroes #7 1:25
    Mister Miracle #4 1st Bog Barda.

      1. Man today was an expensive day. Will post my pickups later but did order the 1:25 Peach Speed Metal for ratio. Death Metal 3 Federici covers x2 for cover and The Dark Knights Legends 1:25 Kate Andrews cover for ratio.

          1. Peach is a hot artist. The book will be harder to find when it comes out. I am only getting them for the flips. So that kinda why they are important. Needs me a new vehicle.

      2. It wont let me reply anymore in the forum so I have to reply here it capped me.

        For Death Metal 3 you sticking to Robin King Variant? What about the Peach Variant?

      3. Alana trying to reply back to you on the forum but the account is new so wont let me do anymore replies just FYI

        1. Try to gather your thoughts and questions into longer posts, instead of starting a new one for every question. You can also edit your posts up to 24 hours. And yes, as a new forum member, you can only post so many comments in X amount of time, it wants to make sure you’re not a bot or spammer that snuck through that just wants to blast out your spam. Forums are built on trust, once you are trusted, the rules become more relaxed. 😉

          1. So I’ve registered for the forum like 3 times and never got a confirmation email or been asked to verify my email/account. How long of a wait is it typically? Thanks!

            1. Let me check to make sure it’s not bouncing. Check your spam and or junk folder as well. What ISP email provider you use? You should get the confirmation email almost immediately. Contact me offline if you want.. agentpoyo [at] so you don’t have to share personal info here.

            2. If you used the same email you used here for comments on forums, I found you’re user. I just activated and approved your user. Check to see if you got an email with activation instructions.

    1. Hey so I want to get Spider Gwen 24 but drewbizz is the only one selling it thats not signed and poyo told me not to get it from him lol, what to do? Alana you think its worth the price? $160?

      Also at what price do you recommend its worth buying that Variant for Death Metal Legends?

      1. There’s a couple up for auction at $140…. $150 or so seems the going rate currently for the Gwenom Campbell C cover. It’s print run is 1000 and a good portion will already be signed with a nifty coa.

            1. And he’ll berate you if you leave a negative after not taking care of the situation. If you got a few moments of spare time, just read his negative feedback.. guy has some serious anger issues..

    2. Alana is Wonder Woman Queen of hell on the Variant cover of Death Metal 1 or 2? The artgeem or the doug mahnke? Or she has not appeard on the cover yet?

      1. I don’t know if she is going to have some sort of transformation or it’s just the same Wonder Woman from Death Metal so far, she is on the cover of Death Metal guidebook dripping lava.

        1. As Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and other heroes fight to survive in the strange new landscape of an Earth turned upside down and shrouded in a realm of darkness, one cloaked figure has been observing from the sidelines, creating a guidebook to this new world and its evil leaders. Find out how Wonder Woman became the queen of Hell! Discover how Batman finds the Black Lantern ring! And see what happens when Harley Quinn takes charge of the Wasteland, finding love in the process! All this and more in this jam-packed issue exploring the new world order.

    3. Alana Venom 3rd print has a new character on the cover, confirmed by Ryan the artist that the character is Not Knull, still dont recommend the 3rd print 1:25 variant?

    1. Ummm.. I don’t know about the rest of you all but I’m still in quarantine. Last I checked it’s worse out there than it was 3 months ago. Stay home, only go out to grab food and toilet paper and if you do, wear a mask, stay away from others and wash your hands. Do your part to save others who are susceptible to this virus.

      1. My country, with a population of 36 Million, had 304 new cases today, on 27,000 tests. This virus can be contained if everyone is on the same page. Us Canadians take pride in wearing our masks and each doing their part to help stop the spread and to protect our vulnerable members of society.

        1. The last person people should listen to are politicians when it comes to health. Last I checked, most are just lawyers (not to discredit lawyers).. but are not doctors or scientists.. we live in a very sad state when people actually trust politicians on subject matters they have zero expertise in.

          1. Yeah, as another “just lawyer” I can attest I know nothing about medicine. That’s why I married a nurse who has kept me alive ever since.

            1. But but… I’ve got this growth on my right buttocks… I’m gonna need your “expertise” in determining what it is and what I should do about it… 😉

          2. “Canadians take pride in wearing our masks and each doing their part to help stop the spread and to protect our vulnerable members of society.”

            It’s so much more than that. Wearing a mask is basically saying “I value you” to anyone you come into contact with. Whether it be a relative or a cashier. It’s the most selfless thing you can do right now….and couldn’t be easier!

            Don’t do it cause you’re told to. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

            1. Thats why I wear a mask. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I’m potentially asymptomatic and spreading it, potentially killing people who got it because I had too much pride with some ignorance in not wearing a mask.

  3. Good week for reading. Picked up the following:
    The Boys: Dear Becky #3 (cover A)
    Captain Marvel #18 (cover A X 2)
    Thor #5 (2nd print X 2)
    Darth Vader #3 (1: 25 for $9)

    Two spec book picks this week:
    Beauty #1 (Image-Frison cover for $12)
    Catwoman #23 (cover price-was stuck behind a stack of older Catwoman comics)

    Good hunting everyone!

  4. not not much in the way of pick ups today.scored a spawn #1 for $15,a fantastic four #200 $5&a c-knocker action figure from jay and silent bob strikes back. I also scored a few death metal #3s&a ten pack of the Spiderman fcbd you all ind adam out

  5. Pretty decent pick ups at LCS:
    TMNT 107
    TMNT 107 1:10
    Project Icarus 5
    Pandemica 5 (FINALLY)
    White Ash 5
    Rogue Planet 3
    Spawn 308 Cover A
    Empyre 3
    Cable 2
    X-factor 1
    X-men 10
    Mercy 4
    TMNT Annual
    Sleeping BEauties 2
    Thor 5 2nd and Captain Marvel 18 (both for cover which is weird as last week they had Thor 2 3rd for $10 and have upcharged many other books that get hot out the gate), but I have several copies of each coming in the mail
    Also found a couple books on the shelf for cover with the STrange Academy Prevews: Miles 15, Ravencroft 1
    Year Zero 1 Cover A still on shelf
    Upshot Now 0, Upshot Now 1, Upshot Now 2

  6. Hedra One shot (Fantastic book)
    Savage Bastards #4
    Nancy In Hell One Shot/ 4(of 4)
    The Kill Lock #6
    God Killers #4
    Captain Marvel #18 A and B
    Bleed Them Dry #2 A and B
    Thor #5 2nd
    White Ash #5
    Grit #1 A and a copy of the Scout store version
    RS and Vampy Meets B and V #12 Bill and Ted homage variant
    TMNT #107 A and B
    TMNT Annual 2020 A and B
    Wonder Woman #759 A and B
    LOSHeroes #7 A and B
    Spawn #308 A, B, and C
    Batman Overdrive FCBD
    Robyn Hood Justice #1
    That Texas Blood #2 B
    MMPR #52 A and B
    I picked up some back issues, too:
    Hawkeye (2012) #11 (The dog perspective issue), #3 3rd, #8, #10 (Thanks, again, Alana!)
    Red Sonja #1 (OG series) VF= from the LCS for $30 (Not a great deal, but not too bad, I guess)
    Mister Miracle #7 (OG series) VG= for $6.00 to fill my run (LCS)
    Uncanny X-Men #160 (Ist adult Illyana) VF for $8.00 at the LCS
    Incredible Hulk #308 in VF for $5 at the LCS
    The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) #12 (stories about hammers)
    Marvel Team-Up #61 (Part 1 of 2 of Spidey and Ms. Marvel vs. Super Skrull)
    Big Time Spider-Girl #1 in NM for $5

    Also, this week, I received my copy of Heavy Metal Mag #288 (the monster/girl variant) in VF/NM, off of the eBays, for $130. This was one of my grails.

    I hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe, out there, yall.

      1. Well, Empyre, for a dozen… I hate FOMO. I lost my cat buddy of 9 years, last week, so I believe I have been trying to compensate for the loss.

  7. No new comics for me this week but picked up 2 complete sets of Hawkeye Vol 4 and a set of Fallen Son Death of Cap including all variants.
    Not seeing much spec for Fallen Son yet but it does contain the first meeting of Clint (as Cap) and Kate so hoping it heats up

  8. Digging through my inventory, I found a copy of Empty Man 1, the virgin variant 1:20 retailer incentive that I will be listing. Does anyone know why mycomicshop lists it as 1LE?

  9. Just ordered 40 more copies of Death Metal Legends for 5.99 a copy somewhere online… They still have more. Good luck finding them.

      1. I think because you ordered 40. Go ahead and share now where it was. Bet they hack the prices up on a book we all have been talking about and bleeding cool just put up a story on.

          1. I tried ordering 15 just now then called them and they had to cancel that order too because their copies are already spoken for and they can’t fulfill orders that are for large quantities. But I noticed Poor Boy Comics still has them up for 11.99.

          2. Looks like they had a disclaimer saying that it’s past pre-order and if they could order it for you they would. If not they would cancel. I would imagine 40 may have been what they preordered total so went ahead and canceled.

            1. I just put in 40 as an arbitrary order number because I knew I could make money off 5.99 an issue, hoping they would have that many. Their website doesn’t seem to be that advanced because it doesn’t show how many copies they have left in stock.

            1. Like fan made merch. Just waiting for them to cancel my order as it let me put in 100,000 and was about to allow me to submit my order….backed it down to 5 copies.

  10. Do you know if Poor Boy Comics is reputable? Have you bought from them before? Do you know if their comics come bagged and boarded?

  11. this strange academy 1 Momoko variant is going up like crazy over the past week. Comic mint jacked up the raw trade copy about $50-$60 in a few days. But once someone buys something from them their prices automatically go up.

  12. Received my Death Metal Legends today along with the rest of next weeks DC. Wrote a little about it in the Robin King spec thread. But I was very pleasantly surprised.

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