Anthony’s Pick-ups for 7/28/2020

Anthony from shows off more of his grabs this week. More spec/flip books as well as some cheap bronze age classic horror books and a pre-code horror grail.

8 thoughts on “Anthony’s Pick-ups for 7/28/2020”

  1. Anthony:

    Thanks for doing these again! Really like to see what other folks are picking up (spec and PC).

    Keep up the great work.

    1. I have some of the Harvey Horror softies as they are called and are great. I own a bunch of PCH books and love them. Tell my kids in 8 years will start selling them off to pay for college, unless they get scholarships.

  2. Those Sorcery books look awesome, going to grab some myself now. Was unaware of their existence. Love the old horror books (and most of the bronze age stuff too), lucky to have a couple old Chamber of Chills and some ECs. Really dig The Unseen, short lived pre-code book with awesome covers and some really good art and stories.

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