Spoilers: Dark Night Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights #1

Seems Dark Night Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights #1 is the talk of the town due to this new Robin King. Well, you probably seen or saw the one pane spoiler but we got more than that today for you folks. So sit back and enjoy some spoilers cause there’s more in Legends than Robin King.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you cannot simply unseen. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now! Seriously, don’t click next if you don’t like spoilers.

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37 thoughts on “Spoilers: Dark Night Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights #1”

    1. The Darkest Knight story was better I thought.. just very wordy. I could have done more as it’s longer too.. but I know all the rage is for Robin King.

      I think Darkest Knight is just as important or more important now in my opinion. Makes DM2 a little more appealing if you ask me.

        1. Doesn’t matter, Legends shows a whole lot of Robin King and origin of his evilness.. DM3 will be important but Legends will likely win out the “demand” and “value” wars..

  1. Thanks for the info, just ordered myself some Death metal 2’s from midtown and bought out their copies of Batman 28 to pay for them :-).

  2. FYI, I added this edit to the article after I got a mind check refresher from Comp82.. now this all makes sense and I think is the best theory…

    After talking with Comp82 (thanks for the refresher mind check) on the forums, seems that what we could be seeing now is in Death Metal #2 where BWL asks Robin to tell him his story, this could be Bruce that tells him what he’s done (the story from Legends that we just spoiled), so that’s why he now asks if he would be his Robin King.

    So if that’s how it plays out going into Death Metal #3, then yes, Death Metal #2 is definitely a first appearance of Robin King since he refers to himself as such after killing Alfred, sitting in his study in the origin story, making that particular Robin in Death Metal the same character. So yes, he’s not in his Robin King attire but he likely is in fact Robin King and the same one from Legends.

    1. We know the Robin Goblins origins Joker kills all theses kids parents in front of Batman, Batman then kills Joker and gets gassed himself he takes the joker kids home and turns into Batman Who Laughs. They all have green hair because they were gassed by Joker they all say only Crow including the Robin Goblin in Death Metal #2. Robin King kills his own parents speaks in complete sentences and doesn’t have green hair. So the Roblox Goblin already has his own origin that is not what we witness in Death Metal Legends.

      1. “On the Batman Who Laughs’ homeworld of Earth -22, in an effort to drive the Bat insane, the Joker temporarily paralyzed the hero and forced him to watch as he recreated the Wayne murders on a long line of captured children and their parents – shooting each of the children’s parents and then infecting the orphans with an incurable strain of Joker Venom.

        After Batman had broken free and finally killed the Joker, he collected all of the infected children and had them kept together in an effort to find a cure. However, because Batman had been exposed to a toxin released upon the Joker’s death, he slowly started to become the new Joker himself and soon re-purposed the Jokerized children as his new pets – dressing them up in Robin costumes and training them to listen to his commands. If

    2. Thanks, Alfred. Wayne’s had all that money and you couldn’t hire a good psychiatrist….I mean, come on. Is the Alfred in this universe that stupid? He’s freaking killing animals!, hello….!!!

      Now that is denial.

      But whatever…I’ll play along for now. See where this goes.

      One thing that gets me is this character calling himself the “Robin” King. Dick Grayson become “Robin” based on Robin Hood. And really other than Robin Hood bing crafty and generally helping the less fortunate, the strongest tie to Grayson and Robin Hood is the costume BATMAN designee for him.

      So where does this Killer Bruce come up with the term “Robin” and “King”. There are no other Robins in this story and unlike Tec38 it does not explain why he chose “Robin” and why he’s a “king.”

      ….so my theory is the TBWL actually creates the name for him (he does not ask to be a Robin King) in DM2, and the last scene in Legends occurs some point after DM2. Otherwise choosing the name “Robin King” without in any way referencing back to Robin Hood and other Robins makes no sense.

      Am I right?

    3. This can’t be right… The Robin Goblins under BWL’s command are practically mindless freaks that can barely speak. Bruce Wayne from Legends can’t be a mindless Robin Goblin. He’s clearly coherent and plans his evil acts.

  3. All I can say is Death Metal #2 is “the” book to get!!!…and I’m not just saying that because I bought the 1:100 variant and would like to sell it at a massive profit!…wink, wink, wink……..wink.

      1. Where at? $30 is a pretty darn good price for a 1:00 ratio on a hot series. I did get mine for just a little more with free shipping but that was weeks ago. At $30 you may want to pick one up. “If” issue two heats up the 1:100 will be pretty tough to get.

        1. With all the attention on Robin King and The Darkest Knight, I am thinking any remaining shelf copies of the DM 2 ratio books might start disappearing fast.
          Since I knew where there might be a 1:100 variant and a 1:25 variant, I just called and reserved them for $52 and $18. My spider-sense told me to act quickly.

  4. I just bought a few copies of DM 2 for the darkest knight, I still think Legends is going to be clear winner. Look at how many people are going crazy over legends and how easy it is to get DM 2.

  5. i agree if it play out that little bruce had done all that and then told bwl after that would make death metal 2 the first app can’t wait to read Death Metal # 3 i think that would make dm 3 first full app right? entire book in out fit right?

    1. If Legends is the same Robin, that would be first full.. DM2 is no doubt a cameo, that’s first appearance. DM3 reading order comes before Legends, it just happened Legends came out before DM3. I really wish they released books based on reading order.. If for some reason the Robin in Legends is a different one, then yes, that might make DM3 a first full.. Comics are convoluted and confusing for sure.. honestly, just cover all your bases and buy a copy of all 3 I say..

  6. It’s going to be a crazy day next week when Legends drops as will when DM3 drops. Could get Interesting with DM3. I have to cover myself all books.

    3x Legends
    3x DM2
    3x DM3
    Legends 1:25

    I believe DM3 could be interesting. Might just pick up a couple more for DM3 and Legends.

  7. I must be getting old. Black Summer, Donna Summer, Knish, Knoodle, Robin Queens, Jokers who Laugh, Batman Kings. I no longer know wth is going on.

      1. Exactly! I have no idea. But somewhere along the way Batman Wiho Spikes on His Head is fighting T-Rex now; and Robin Queen looks like he stuck his finger in a wall socket.

        Ask me what this would have meant 15 years ago and it would have been one of those crazy stories you hear a pre-teen talking about while waiting on a line

  8. The screwup with DC and Diamond and the switchover to Universal in Canada has caused a few stores to get double orders this week. That means not just double Legends but as many as I can carry out the store.

  9. Can anyone explain the T-Rex Batman origin story that was in it? I (kinda) think I get it, but am interested in opinions?

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