Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 08/10/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Alright, first up is the FOC Variant that Titan put up for Horizon Zero Dawn #2. Previously we got a Peach Momoko cover for issue #1 and then it skipped to issue #3. So since Peach is still semi on fire (I say that cause it seems the retailers are over working her for store exclusives and a lot of that work seems rushed and not as good), we get a #2 now and it might slip under some retailers radars since it was added late.

Love her work or hate it, you really have to appreciate these covers she’s doing for Horizon. I hope we get a Momoko cover for each issue, which will make a nice set when all said and done.

Horizon Zero Dawn #2 (FOC Variant)I know it’s not on FOC yet but just recently they released her cover for Issue #4 as well. See below, might as well go ahead and put in that pre-order as well if you’re collecting these.

Horizon Zero Dawn #4 (Cover A - Momoko)

Inkblot #1 is on FOC this Monday and it seems like it could be an interesting and fun read. I got an advance preview but haven’t read it yet myself but the interior art looks pretty good from quick glance. I don’t expect this one to heat up or be a big spec book, buy it for the reading pleasure…

Inkblot #1Captain Marvel #18 is getting a second print (obviously). So with all the rave and demand for second printings, probably a good idea to throw one in your pre-orders.

I couldn’t find the cover (don’t think it’s been released yet) so you get the first print cover. I know you people love images.

The next to last pick goes to Wolverine #5. I’m not even reading Wolverine currently but I just love this cover for some reason. Might make me buy it just for the cover.

Wolverine #5

The FOC Spec Pick

And last…  the pick that can likely make you money if you intend to flip.

Venom #27 (2nd Printing) is on FOC this Monday. TFAW is limiting to 1 per which is odd since it’s well, open order prior to FOC. The cover art has yet to be released but if we know Marvel, they’re pretty good about changing up the cover to make additional printings more enticing and desirable.

So instead of just showing you the regular Venom #27 cover or doing some lazy ass one click invert that some seem to do to post on eBay as alternate cover that takes all but 5 seconds to create.. I spent an extra 4 minutes to create you Poyo’s mock cover which I think would be an awesome all black cover…

(Poyo’s Note: For you people who fail to read and only look at pictures, this is not the actual cover, so please don’t spread this around saying it’s the cover.)

Remember, Sunday’s are DC’s new FOC while the rest of the comic industry is sticking with Monday’s. I’m not updating my title dates just for DC..  So, subtract a day for DC and from what I can tell, a lot of shops are doing FOC on Friday or Saturday’s for everything now. Better start making it a habit of putting in your FOC pre-orders earlier rather than waiting until Monday.

12 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 08/10/2020”

  1. Could venom 27 2nd cover art be a spoiler, which is why they haven’t released it?

    I like your cover, though. Reminds me of Immortal iron fist 17 dragon logo.

    1. My guess is yes, it’s a spoiler as they’ll likely regurgitate a scene from the interiors that they’ve been doing on most additional printings..

  2. I believe Thor #5 3rd print could also be on this week’s FOC. I think it was listed on one store’s website this morning. Any chance you can confirm? Speaking of which, does anyone know the best website to see one thorough weekly FOC list (with cover images) now that DC broke off from Diamond? IMO, the publishers really need to get their cover images out more timely to accomodate FOC.

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