Thor #6 2nd Printing Cover Art

Thor by Donny Cates and Nic Klein is hot right now and as we saw Black Winter make an exit, I don’t think he’s out of the complete picture.

But at the end of Thor #6, Cates and Klein gave us a glimpse of Thor’s future, his death..  which has a lot of people talking.

So as you can guess, Thor #6 2nd Print is on the way and it’s a must pickup since it covers the very last scene we saw in the issue.

Might not be a bad pickup unless you’re just exhausted and tired of chasing all these multiple printings out of this title and series.

15 thoughts on “Thor #6 2nd Printing Cover Art”

  1. There is no spec value because a big online store will have the virgin cover for $20 about a week after everyone else buys three of this cover just in case.

    1. History tells us over time, nobody seeks out all the store exclusive variants (most of the time). I’d rather spend $20 on 4 books rather than $20 on 1 cover minus the dressing..

      1. This.

        Look at Thor 5 3rd print.

        Look at Thanos 15 4th print.

        Both have virgin covers that do well, but if you bought 4 of the trade dress you’d make a better profit.

        And i personally prefer the look of the trade dress…

        1. Me too.. and yes. I can buy a stack of books or one book…. at the same price. I’ll go with the stack each and every time. I don’t collect exclusive store variants unless I really like the art and it’s not on the damn regular issues put out by Marvel..

          1. And buying these store variants at $20 or more, you’re paying at a premium to start off with.. that totally goes against the, buy low, sell high.. you got higher risks cause I can yank out a bunch of store variants that cost me $20 or more and I can’t even offload for pennies.. even Half Price Books don’t want that garbage most of the time.. 😉

            1. I tend to stay away from store variants. Few appreciate in value enough for me to get excited. I would rather have 5 copies of cover A than 1 variants already marked up.

        2. Two reasons to buy store exclusives:

          1. Love the cover art and it’s unique (only that store had the art)
          2. Support the shop at their premium price for their exclusive.

          So yes, at times a store exclusive shoots up in value but it’s a crap shoot. I’d rather buy at the low cover price for a book for the potential gain in return.

    1. They wouldn’t have put it in the book if it
      Wasn’t going to become a thing. May take a
      While, but this book will heat up at some point. Might be a few years if its give to Cates.

  2. The lazy store virgin money grab variant will have a horizontal image for the cover instead of vertical Image. And history tells us no one wants to flip their comics to the side just to look at the cover lol.

    1. Yeah…that would backfire.

      Was it issue 4 3rd print that has that too? Despite the silver surfer 4 homage I’m passing on it for that reason.

      1. Issue 3 4th print…got it swapped. And it’s not an homage. That was a hotz variant.

        Hard to keep all these straight…

    1. Maybe they’re learning their lessons in not going with a cover people can get for cover price with dressing.. I wouldn’t spend a huge premium for cover art that just removes the title and such from the cover..

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