Spawn #310 D Cover Up For Pre-Order

The Special Black and White Spawn #310 McFarlane Cover is up for pre-order.

The 1:5 Black and White Spawn #310 McFarlane Cover is up for pre-order on TFAW.

Limit one per customer.

24 thoughts on “Spawn #310 D Cover Up For Pre-Order”

      1. They actually have this one programmed to not allow more than one to be added, instead of just putting one per customer on the listing. Thanks Anthony for the heads. I would have missed it otherwise, because I never know when their incentives are listed.

    1. Over on the forums a rep from TFAW has been chatting. He mentioned this one is limited due to the ratio nature of it, and they are basing the number of copies available based on their proposed copies of Spawn 310 ordered. If the orders of the regular covers go up they will make more copies available.

    1. I agree, but not much makes sense anymore in this business. The crazy escalation of 2nd, 3rd, 4th prints.
      It’s all about what’s “cool”, “rad”, “the bomb”, “balls”, “____” (insert 2020 term for a cover that gives instant gratification)

        1. 100% agree.
          Its no longer “buy what you like and you’ll never be disappointed”.
          It should be “Buy what everyone else likes and sell it and you’ll never be disappointed “

            1. I think I’ll Buy what I like but sell what I buy and buy what I sell. Then if it sells after I buy then I can sell the buy. Make sense? :))))

      1. Yeah I ended up googling it and found the price. It wasn’t showing up in TAFW search. Or I was just doing it wrong…

    1. There isn’t one to my knowledge. Retailers get these added for free (20% of their other #310 orders) so there’s no code to look up since it’s not an order-able item.

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