4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Optioned for Film by Picturestart

We mentioned this a while back but official news is coming out thag PICTURESTART won a multi-studio bidding war for adaptation rights to 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, the beloved coming-of-age heist comic book by writer Matthew Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men, Punisher, We Can Never Go Home, Twelve Reasons To Die, upcoming What’s The Furthest Place From Here?) and artist Tyler Boss (upcoming What’s The Furthest Place From Here, upcoming Dead Dog’s Bite).

The movie will feature characters and concepts that first appeared in 4 Kids Walked Into A Bank #1

The feature film adaptation will be written by Matthew Robinson (upcoming Live Die Repeat And Repeat, Dora And The City Of Gold).

PICTURESTART is developing, producing, and co-financing the feature project, with Jessica Switch and Royce Reeves Darby overseeing for the studio.

Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss will co-produce, with Black Mask’s Matt Pizzolo producing.

After the death of her mother, Paige’s father has stepped up and become a more responsible parent. So when a group of criminals show up at their door demanding that Paige’s father join them for one last job, she’s faced with a decision: let her newly reformed father dip back into his criminal ways, or enlist her three 12-year-old best friends to do the job first. 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK is a darkly comedic tale steeped in 90s nostalgia about four burgeoning child criminals and their elaborate plans.

PICTURESTART, which focuses on “discovery of voice” content and storytelling, is the media company founded by producer and former studio executive Erik Feig. Although just a year old, PICTURESTART already has a rich and diverse slate of film projects ranging from UNPREGNANT, a road-trip comedy slated for release on HBO Max in the fall of 2020, to YASUKE, starring Chadwick Boseman; SUMMER LOVIN’, a prequel of GREASE for Paramount; and NARUTO and BORDERLANDS with Lionsgate as well as near a dozen scripted series set with multiple outlets.

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  1. Well, if this is anything like other Black Mask productions, I expect the film to abruptly stop 3/4 of the way in and a theater employee to tell me to come back week after week with the promise that the past 1/4 will show up.

    1. Haha.. I’m still surprised Black Mask is still somehow around. Talk about Wiebe’ing themselves long ago. They had so much potential and boom, its like they shot themselves in the foot. Then before it fully healed they just cut their own leg off.. and then they forgot to stop the bleeding…

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