Cheap Slabs on eBay

It has been a while since we have done one of these, and this week, there are a ton of cool graded books on eBay worth checking out. Here are this week’s cheap slabs on eBay.

Crazy big week.

The 9.8’s under $30
Powers of X #3 9.8 This to me was the best X-Men series in a while. This 9.8 is at $22.

Martian Manhunter #3 Joshua Middleton Cover Middleton is a great cover artist and was all the rage. This 9.8 Killer B is $14.99.

Secret Invasion #1 Rumor for a while was Secret Invasion was coming to the MCU. This is the sketch cover graded 9.8 at $15.

Astonishing X-Men #7 Avengers Variant Marco Checchetto cover, $19.99 or best offer.

Wytches #2 Phantom Variant rumblings about Wytches still coming to the screen. This 9.8 tops in at the high end at $29.95.

Lower Grade/Older Books

Zam Zap Jam CGC 7.5 classic Robert Crumb. If this one is here in the morning I am gonna grab it. $17 plus $3 shipping.

Swamp Thing #57 Classic Alan Moore issue, features Adam Strange. Was recently reprinted. 9.4 for $19.99

X-Men #3 This one just cracks me up. It is listed as the best 8.0 you will ever see. Listed at $12.99

Uncanny X-Men #180 this is listed at half the price of the only other one on eBay. 9.4 at $24.99.

Uncanny X-Men #451 X-23 cover and appearance. 9.4 at $24.99

Marvel Team Up #77 Spider-man with Ms Marvel. Cgc 8.5 at $19.99.

Amazing Spiderman #378 Venom and Carnage appearance. CGC 9.2 at $29.00

Dejah Thoris #5 Lucio Parrillo cover, 9.2 $14.99.

Amazing Spiderman #365 first appearance of Spider-man 2099. 8.5 $22.98

Amazing Spider-man #15 Michael Turner cover. This one breaks my heart. I love Turner art. Cgc 8.5 $19.99

Moon Knight #28 CGC 9.2 Classic Bill Sienkiewicz cover. $19.99

Incredible Hulk #50 one of my favorite runs on Hulk. Great cover. 9.6 old case. $19.99.

Venom Sinner Takes All #4 Anne Weying and Venom on the Cover. Sin Eater is back. CGC 9.0 $15.00

Sensational She-Hulk #10 Great cover, horrible picture on this listing. No wonder it hasn’t sold yet. 9.4 $21.71


4 thoughts on “Cheap Slabs on eBay”

  1. Some of those comics are bargains indeed. Considering $25 average cost for grading and shipping with potential value of 2-4 times raw comic.

  2. Nothing there that’s going to generate an roi worth noting. Some of these would be good grabs if shipping costs didn’t kill the value. Always appreciate this post! For those of you stacking slabs in the PC, this is a great resource!

  3. i feel for that guy with the x-men 3. i got a freedom fighters 1 variant and it came back 9.4 and i have no idea why. i cant find any visible defects and it just bugs me there’s no grader notes.

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