Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 301st edition of the open forum!

No new comic spec review this weekend. Was at a baseball tournament all weekend. We ended up 2nd losing in the finals (our only loss) so I was gone all weekend.

How was your holiday weekend?

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I haven’t visited your forums in a while…..and just did so last night and again today. Wow! I am very impressed with the quality of the material, insights, sharing of information and civility. Very, very impressive! I think I’ll be visiting far more often….and I’ll do my best to avoid being the lowest common denominator. Well done Anthony and AP for creating this!

  2. JL53 and XMen 12 were my picks for the week (with a load up on XMen #2 for the 1st app of High Summoner). Think the Bartel Storm will be a good pick. The yellow lightsaber was a good one til they extended FOC. In the past I would’ve said MsMarvel 13 2nd wouldn’t be a hit given the 1st print had name and 1st cover but given the hobby’s current obsession with later printings, I could be wrong.

  3. Do we think the Omega Knight in JL53 has staying power? Is this their pseudo Batman/Galactus? I don’t trust Venditti to create a character that lasts and makes an impact.

    1. I am not sure. Big shop contacted me to say that this issue was going to be the TT12 of the run. When I did spoilers I didn’t see anything big other than Omega Knight.

  4. Great week for comics!

    Picked up:
    Star Wars #6 (JTC action figure variant)
    Darth Vader #5

    Spec pick ups this week:
    Undone by Blood #1 (2 copies @ cover)
    Darth Vader #2 (2nd print)
    Darth Vader #1 (1st print X 3 @ cover)
    Avengers Empyre Aftermath Alex Ross 1 per store X2@$5-they were on the shelf and I couldn’t believe they were there, needless to say I was very happy to snag them.
    Batman #92 1:25 Punchline design variant for $45-thought that was a pretty good price considering how they are starting to creep into the $60-$70 range
    Miles Morales #10 (Humberto Ramos 1:25 variant for $8)
    Marvel Knights Spiderman #10 for $4
    Ice Cream Man #5 Cover A for cover price

    Good hunting everyone!

  5. My pick-ups this week included…

    – Batman Ax2, Bx5, and the 1:25 ($30)…love the B cover of Clownhunter…just awesome artwork…I expect it could see some demand down the road if the character gains popularity.
    – Catwoman A
    – Detective – Hughes cover…not many strong contenders IMO here…wish there had been a better Bats vs. Joker cover…not a fan of Silvestri’s rendition.
    – Justice League A & B set x3…Omega Knight & Mindhunter!
    – Giant Size X-Men Storm – Bartel cvr
    – Immortal Hulk A & Ross cvr
    – Magnificent Ms. Marvel #13 (2nd) x2 – called ahead at the last minute & got lucky…no shelf copies at 3 stores.
    – Darth Vader Ax2
    – Star Wars A & action figure cvr – 4 sets…who doesn’t love a yellow light saber?!
    – Thor Ax2, Bx2 and 1:25 ($22)
    – X-Men x8 (great Summoner cvr!)…have also been grabbing multiple copies of X-Men #2…still hunting the 1:25 for #2
    – Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special #1 foil variant ($15 !!)
    – Stillwater
    – Grit #1 (2nd) & #3
    – Seven Secrets #2 1:10 (cvr price)
    – Something is Killing the Children #8 (2nd)
    – Spy Island #1 A and 2nd print
    – Undone by Blood #1 & 2

    Last week I scored the Batman #92 B&W retailer incentive for $75! Another local store wanted $200. Also got Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1 1:25 for $19.

    I have been seeing an uptick in the prices on most ratio variants in my area. Scoring cheap ratios is getting increasingly difficult.
    Really have to pick & choose these days.

    Overall, not a bad week…but not cheap either.

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