The Scumbag – Rick Remender’s New Humor Series

This one looks great. Rick Remender rarely disappoints with his writing. I think the only thing that’s been killing some of his books is the long delays between issues.

The forthcoming humor series The Scumbag by Rick Remender will feature four scumily rare incentive covers—a pretty scummy 1:10 by Tula Lotay, a scumtastic 1:25 by Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn, a 1:50 silver scum-foil by Jerome Opeña and colored by Moreno Dinisio, and an extra, super scumtacular 1:100 gold foil edition of the same Opeña cover, but GOLD like our hero Ernie Ray’s front tooth! All this stunning scumbaggery available this October from Image Comics.

In addition to these highly collectible and totally scummy variants, The Scumbag will feature a murderers’ row of Rick’s favorite all-star artistic talent rotating interior art duties on each issue, with Punisher superstar artist Lewis LaRosa on deck for issue #1.

The Scumbag is the story of Ernie Ray Clementine, a profane, illiterate, drug addicted, biker, with a fifth-grade education and the only thing standing between us and total Armageddon because this dummy accidentally received a power-imbuing serum making him the world’s most powerful super spy.

Ernie is a relic of a bygone era, the living embodiment of sex, drugs and rock and roll—so, this doesn’t make things easy for the spy organization that needs his help as they bribe, cajole, and manipulate Ernie to choose between his own self-interests and doing what’s right.

The Scumbag will join Remender’s growing Giant Generator Studios empire, alongside such salesbeasts as Death Or Glory with Bengal, Seven to Eternity with Jerome Opeña, Low with Greg Tocchini, Fear Agent with Jerome Opeña and Tony Moore, Tokyo Ghost with Sean Gordon Murphy, Black Science with Matteo Scalera, Strange Girl with Eric Nguyen, Deadly Class with Wes Craig, and more.

The Scumbag #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 21st.
The Scumbag #1 Cover A LaRosa & Dinisio – Diamond Code AUG200010
The Scumbag #1 Cover B Robinson – Diamond Code AUG200011
The Scumbag #1 Cover C Blank Sketch – Diamond Code AUG208188
The Scumbag #1 Cover D Lotay 1:10 incentive – Diamond Code AUG208008
The Scumbag #1 Cover E Paquette 1:25 incentive – Diamond Code AUG208009
The Scumbag #1 Cover F Opeña & Dinisio 1:50 Silver Foil incentive – Diamond Code AUG208010
The Scumbag #1 Cover G Opeña & Dinisio 1:100 Gold Foil incentive – Diamond Code AUG208191

6 thoughts on “The Scumbag – Rick Remender’s New Humor Series”

  1. One thing that bothers me about Remender, is how none of his series last long. i have been a fan for awhile, all his books end in 2-3 years. hard to get into new books from him knowing this.

      1. I agree, i bought in the series hard. i bought all variants, even have the first 4 issues 9.8 cgc with red issue 9 9.8 SS.

        1. Speaking of that book, just noticed that in previews it’s got new issues listed that should be coming out soon. Hopefully it gets revived..

          And when this one heated up on it’s own, I already loaded up on #1.. sold enough to cover all the issues I bought + profit… now I just sit and wait, one day, it might blow up again.. 🙂

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