Tyler Kirkham Covers Punchline for Comic Book Shopping Network

The Comic Book Shopping Network is a massive force in selling comics on Facebook. The Comic Book Shopping Network, or CBSN for short, is a group of twenty plus stores and a ton of individual sellers who sell on average about 1,500 comics a day on their live streams. Tyler Kirkham is doing an exclusive cover for Punchline #1 for CBSN. Check out the details below.

The cover, as shown above, for Punchline #1 CBSN Exclusive is $15 plus shipping and will be out 11/10/20. The print run is 3,000 copies.

You can find out more about CBSN and what stores and sellers participate by checking out the CBSN Website

4 thoughts on “Tyler Kirkham Covers Punchline for Comic Book Shopping Network”

  1. Hmmm…nope. Not a bad price for a PC book. Can’t imagine any value in a Punchline one-shot with 22 covers? 22 COVERS!!! Probably even more than that! I’ll just buy copies of her 1st appearance instead.

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