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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 304th edition of the open forum!

Some pretty epic spoilers out already this week. We got a crak at some cool books early. More to come.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Picked up Tales of Ghost Castle 2 & 3, early appearances of Lucien from Sandman. Weird Mystery Tales 18 is his first appearance in a story-like promo for his first full appearance in Tales of Ghost Castle 1.

  2. Off topic, but I wanted to ask a question and see what others think.

    The Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8

    What do you think will happen with this book say in two to five years? Currently it sells for around $2500.00 and I would like to purchase this book for sentimental reasons (it may be the only television show both my dad and I watched, and I was blown away when I found out he was watching it, he’s 74) so we have had a lot of Walking Dead conversations over the years.

    I feel like the book is going to drop in value, and would like to wait for the main Walking Dead show to end and then purchase the book. I am unsure where the value at that point will be, but I think much lower than today.

    I know the showrunners are trying to build this huge Walking Dead universe, but as a fan I can tell you I honestly feel Fear the Walking Dead sucks (have no idea how it’s still around) and the new show World Beyond after two episodes has already lost my interest. The idea of a Carol and Daryl Walking Dead show is nauseating as well. I am also very doubtful the Walking Dead movies will ever happen.

    So having said all that, where do you feel the Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8 will be value wise in a few years?

    1. WD #1 9.8 CGC must of spiked a bit recently.. I recall seeing some dipping as low as $1700 not too long ago.

      With that said, I say wait until show ends and wait another few years. I think it could drop more over the course of a few more years after the shows end. Maybe even wait until after the spin-offs end to be honest.

      1. If, and it may be a big if. If the new show World Beyond gets canned (ratings are pretty bad) does AMC pull the plug on all future projects and just finish the original show?

        1. I don’t know.. I honestly lost interest after season 7 of main show (in the comics I lost interest when we got yet, another person that called themselves the Governor.. talk about lazy zero creative writing on Kirkman’s part). I lost interest in Fear after first season.. talk about inconsistent with main show.. somehow those on West Coast figured out zombies way faster than those on main show/ East Coast (took them what seems a couple years to really figure them out), east cost peeps seemed to have figured them out in a matter of weeks.. and they quickly went to fear people instead of Zombies.. It was annoying. I was hoping they would spend more time in the early days of the outbreak.. they could have done 2 seasons for the first two weeks of the outbreak to make it interesting.. instead it just caught up way faster to same thing going on with main show..

          1. Walking Dead #1 will continue to go up no matter what…. the other 190 or so issues will all drop after the show, movies, and spinoffs are done. But I’m hearing new Walking Dead comic spinoffs are coming so it will only keep pushing Walking Dead #1 up. I’ve owned 3 still have one copy.

              1. I appreciate your opinion, but I think I’ll have to disagree. Like Poyo said it has dipped once already and I believe when the dust settles it will again. And as much as the creators want to continue on with the series, ultimately AMC is the boss and if the ratings aren’t there (which they don’t appear to be) then the show is done and they move on to something new. Let’s be honest did anyone expect the Walking Dead to drag around for 15-20 years?

              2. That’s because her other show bombed I think.. she’s only known for her Walking Dead fame.. They start creating too many spinoff shows, just gonna kill it all.. AMC is desperate, their cash cow in WD is slowly fading away..

              1. That’s the thing it’s a small print run for a modern grail 10,000 copies or so. Over the last decade 10,000 people have probably worked on the show and if I worked on the show I would definitely have a copy tucked away.

                1. Your a comic collector though.. I visited the Fear offices in Austin when wife worked the show and met most of the behind the scenes crew… None cared about the comics from the impression I got…. Most crew on shows do numerous shows…. Its just a job for them.

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