Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 11/30/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (for those in the U.S.). It’s a super small week, particularly since there are no Marvel titles on FOC this week.

This new Vault Comic book has my attention, The Picture of Everything Else #1. I like the solicit so it’s a must check out. There’s going to be a 1:15 RI and I think a Foil version of the 1:15 that’s going to be a 1:30 you should keep an eye out for.

Picture of Everything Else #1 (Cover B – Gooden Daniel)
Picture of Everything Else #1 (Cover C – Gorham)

Picture of Everything Else #1 (Cover A - Mohan)I love this new Ice Cream Man #22 Cover B that’s on FOC. Love it.. I don’t even know why either.

Ice Cream Man #22 (Cover B - Connelly)

And since there’s just not a whole lot going on this FOC week, I’ll switch it up and point out some toys and statues on FOC this week.

There’s Spider-Man Legends 6 Inch Action Figures on FOC which all things Miles Morales and Spider-Verse are hot. The wave set includes Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen with a Peter Porker, Peter Parker, Prowler, Frog-Man and the Hand Ninja with all of them coming with the pieces to put together the Stilt-Man.

You can buy them all in the Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case (Best deal, free shipping from EntertainmentEarth) or individually.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 CaseAlso on FOC, for you Star Wars Action Figure collectors, the new Mandalorian Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon 6-Inch Action Figure is on FOC as well.

Star Wars The Black Series Moff Gideon 6-Inch Action FigureAnd since I’m talking toys in my FOC picks, might as well point out these awesome retro 9″ Transformers statues that would look great on my desk…  There’s 3 of them available which are Transformers Classic Bumblebee 9-Inch Statue, Transformers Classic Grimlock 9-Inch Statue and Transformers Classic Starscream 9-Inch Statue.

Transformers Classic Bumblebee 9-Inch Statue

Transformers Classic Grimlock 9-Inch Statue

Transformers Classic Starscream 9-Inch StatueApparently these others already past FOC but you can still pre-order them still. There’s a Transformers Soundwave 9-Inch Statue, Transformers Optimus Prime 9-Inch Statue and Transformers Megatron 9-Inch Statue available. I’m gonna go broke and have no room on my desk if I end up buying all of these.. Geez!

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