Variant Picks of the Week for December 2nd, 2020

It’s not a huge week but there’s a few variants that caught my eye for this first week of December.

These first two totally bring back childhood nostalgia for me. I love this first one for Spy Island. I know quite a few of you people know oh so well the old VHS tapes.

Spy Island #4

I was never big on Dungeons & Dragons the game but this is another one that brings back memories though. However, I was an avid cartoon watcher though.

Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons #2 brings us that classic book cover.

Not sure why but I just really dig this cover. It’s just…  different with a mix of simplicity. It’s Batman: The Adventures Continue #7

I’m not big on Vampirella but there’s some great cover for this title. It’s just too bad they put out so many and they’re not spec worthy. But I do like this Peach for Vampirella #15. If bought, it’s for the Peach collection.

I don’t buy Fantastic Four but this retro looking cover for a old model kit of Invisible Woman is just awesome. Fantastic Four Road Trip One Shot.

Just an awesome variant of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21.

I think I finally decided which of the ratio variants of King in Black are my favorite and it’s this one. I’ve been really digging Coello’s style as of lately.

King In Black #1 (Coello Variant) is still avaliable at TFAW.

That’s all  I got this week for variants. Tell us what variants you’re seeking out or pre-ordered here or on the forums.

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