Crossover #3 – Sneak Peek Preview

Crossover #3 we were promised something huge. So here’s your sneak peek preview of the issue without it even diving into any spoilers (you’ll have to come back Tuesday night for those and if you’re a trusted member of the forums, you likely already seen some spoilers we’ve spilled).

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5 thoughts on “Crossover #3 – Sneak Peek Preview”

    1. We don’t have to only spec on it. Like mentioned, I enjoyed the issue, even without the spec worthiness of it, I still didn’t feel it was a “big” as Cates said it was going to be but to each their own, the issue and story has been good so far and I’m good with just that.

  1. Donny Cates visited Alan Moore in Northampton on his last trip to the UK in 2019. It was always speculated that their meet up was more than just a cup of tea. I agree crossover has been quite slow to get going but its an ongoing series with boundless potential. This confirms Watchmen universe therefore DC comics are involved in this series. Cates mentioned on his twitter feed a few months back that the Marvel vs DC crossover comic was one of his favourites growing up. Im sure there is a superhero war down the line in future issues. Cates is in no rush to take the story inside the dome as he is letting us get to know the main characters first.

    1. I’d be very surprised if he got Marvel, DC and Image all to do a huge crossover.. What I think will happen is he will introduce a few creator own characters, borderline tease other characters without breaking any copyrights and leave it at that, with his own story the primary focus. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Marvel or DC characters make their way into his own independent creator owned series..

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