Spoilers: Crossover #3 – Does It Live Up To The Cates Hype?

Despite me not sharing the same enthusiasm Cates shares with this issue,  I still found it entertaining to read. So maybe Issue #6 which Cates claims is huge as well actually wows me? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Crossover #3 is available and will likely be easily found at all your local and online shops tomorrow on new comic book Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Spoilers: Crossover #3 – Does It Live Up To The Cates Hype?”

    1. Cates is going to tease and tease characters from Image, DC, Marvel and anything he can without breaking copyrights to keep readers and speculators on edge if their seats hoping for some huge character that crosses over…. It’s going to work while keeping us entertained with the story. 😉

  1. Idk who any of these people are & they don’t look interesting enough for me to find out…him & Tyrion have become quite the teases…I mean I enjoyed the beginning of the hype train but this is getting ridiculous from both

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