Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 316th edition of the open forum!

Love to hear what you’re buying and selling this week.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Got these off of Craigslist! Guy had the whole list of what he had. It said $100, but I double checked, and he said $100. I said yeah, I’ll take em’! So I ended up with like 400 issues in this last collection! So I paid .25¢ each!

    empire’s end 1-2
    episode 1 anakin skywalker X 2
    episode 1 qui-gon jinn X 2
    episode 1 queen amidala X 2
    episode 1 obi wan X 2
    star wars a new hope 1-4
    classic star wars 1-2
    classic star wars empire 1-2
    classic star wars jedi 1
    splinter of the mind’s eye 1-4
    shadows of the empire 1-6
    shadows of the empire evolution 1-5
    river of chaos 1-4
    the protocol offensive
    droids 1-8
    droids special
    droids 1-6
    tag and bink are dead 1-2
    boba fett agent of doom
    boba fett twin engines of destruciton
    boba fett 1-3
    boba fett enemy of the empire 1-4
    star wars zam wesell
    classics dark empire #3
    dark empire handbook
    dark empire II 1-6 multiple copies
    the last command 1-6
    dark force rising 1-6
    heir to the empire 1-6
    rogue squadron handbook
    rogue squadron special promo sealed
    rogue squadron the warrior princess 1-4
    rogue squadron the rebel opposition 1-4
    rogue squadron the phantom affair 1-4
    rogue squadron battleground tatooine 1-4
    rogue squadron requiem for a rogue 1-4
    rogue in the empire’s service 1-4
    rogue the making of baron fel
    rogue family ties 1-2
    rogue masquerade 1-4
    rogue mandatory retirement 1-4
    episode 1 phantom menace 1-4 multiple covers
    episode 2 attack of the clones 1-4 multiple covers
    jedi vs sith 1-6
    tales of the jedi dark lords of the sith 1-6
    freedon nadd uprising 1-2 multiple copies
    tales of the jedi 1-5
    tales of the jedi golden age of the sith 0-5
    tales of the jedi fall of the sith empire 1-5
    tales of the jedi redemption 1-5
    tales of the jedi the sith war 1-6
    jedi council acts of war 1-4
    jedi quest 1-4
    starfighter crossbones 1-3
    vader’s quest 1-4
    star wars jedi Aayla Secura one shot
    mara jade by the emperor’s hand 1-6
    bounty hunters Aurra Sing one shot
    Jabba the Hutt 1-5
    Tales 1-12, some alternate covers
    Tales 19-22, alternate covers
    Infinities a new hope 1-4
    The Aurorient Express 1-2
    Qui-gon and obi-wan last stand on ord Mantell 1-3, alternate covers
    Classic star wars devilworlds 1-2
    classic star wars the Vandelhelm mission
    Han Solo at star’s end 1-3
    Underworld 1-5 alternate covers
    Crimson empire handbook
    Crimson empire 1-6
    Crimson empire II 1-6
    Jedi academy leviathan 1-4
    Chewbacca 1-4
    Union 1-4
    Darth Maul 1-4 alternate covers
    Shadow Stalker
    Tales from Mos Eisley
    Outlander 1/2 of 6
    Prelude to Rebellion 1-6
    Classic star wars 1-9
    Classic star wars 17-20
    Star wars jango Fett 1-2 of 4
    The bounty hunters Kenix Kil
    The bounty hunters Scoundrel’s wages
    Republic 56, 57, 64-75
    Empire 11,12, 18-30
    Empire strikes back infinities 1 of 4
    Return of the Jedi official adaptation 1983 2 of 4, 4 of 4
    Star wars 1 July 1977 30 and 35 cent variant
    General Grievous 1,2 of 4
    Episode III 1-4
    Star Wars Jedi Yoda one shot
    Obsession 1,2,3,4 of 5

  2. My first MAIL CALL of 2021!
    Sticking with my recent theme
    STAR WARS!!!
    Darth Maul #1
    Darth Maul #1 variant
    Darth Maul #2
    Darth Maul Son of Dathomir #1
    1 of 500 sketch variant!

  3. So before last week I asked my LCS if they could get me 2 copies of the Spider-Man with the cpgrewt cover (lol not for the story because it’s bad) & they said ok…come Wednesday I’m looking for my 2nd copy, none on the shelves of course & the owner says “these are selling for $25 on eBay” so this week I ask “did you get the spawn Crossover #3 cover? & would you believe they didn’t? Idk if I believe it…so now I suspect about the SW High Republic…at this point I feel I have to pay in advance

    1. It’s funny because my local comic shop owner emailed me and asked if i had secured copies of ASM last week. Said it is being wiped out. I said yes, i told you about it a couple of weeks ago. I said i should have 3 copies in my box. He checked and responded he threw an extra copy in just to be safe. Cool right, looking out for his good customers. Pay in advance if you have to, or find another lcs. Sounds like a store that doesn’t care for their customers.

      1. Yea & I spend maybe like $60 a week..when they closed for covid (earlier) but had to be open on the side I bought the entirety of the Batman who laughs appearances to help out….dropped about $300 that week

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