Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 1/11/21

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 1/11/21’s FOC list.

DEEP BEYOND #1 – New Image series about an underpopulated future Earth, devastated by the dire consequences of the millennium bug, the survival of mankind – and, maybe, of the planet itself – is handled by a small number of people. Talented scientists who, despite the adverse situation and the stupid feuds that continue to divide the small number of people still alive, try to understand and study what is hidden in the depths of the abyss. Something mysterious and dangerous, which could eventually cause an even worse and more destructive catastrophe! The 100 meets LOW, with a hint of Death Stranding in the brand-new sci-fi thriller series from acclaimed creator MIRKA ANDOLFO.

CHAINED TO THE GRAVE #1 – New IDW series. Outlaw Roy Mason has come back from the dead, chained to the headstone that marked his grave. It’s a lawless time, a magical time, and the undead Roy soon finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place as he sets out in search of treasure. But Roy, trying to do right by the wife and children he left behind, soon finds out that everything is not always as it seems…

LUNA #1 JENNY FRISON VAR ED – Nice Jenny Frison cover. For fans of Faithless and Die comes a new dark thriller from acclaimed writer & artist Maria Llovet about a young woman named Teresa, who’s plagued by prophetic dreams that connect her to something powerful, something…divine. When Teresa fatefully crosses paths with the Family of the Sun, she believes them to be exactly what anyone else in the late ’60s would expect – a hippie cult whose leader claims to have met the divine. But secret blood rituals, powerful drugs and sex runneth amok will bring Teresa face-to-face with the truth about the Family, herself and the dark secret behind her dreams. Immortality, magic and alchemy, and the true power of enduring love collide in this new series for Mature Readers.

SPECTER INSPECTORS #1 – For fans of supernatural stories like Blackbird and Vampironica comes a new series from Bowen McCurdy (The Long Way Home) & rising star Kaitlyn Musto introducing the Spector Inspectors, who live that Scooby Doo life chasin’ ghosts! True believer Noa, her cynical little sibling Gus, credulous camera man Ko, and skeptical Astrid head to one of the most haunted towns in America to prove that ghosts exist, for all the social media likes! The investigations of hauntings uncover something more devilish than just a couple of ghosts, something that will put Noa and Astrid’s relationship to the test… …and reveal the centuries-old sinister secrets of the town itself. Every issue of Specter Inspectors is oversized, featuring more than 30 story pages.

TMNT THE LAST RONIN #2 – What can be said but the second issue of the awesome comic that turned Turtles lore on its side. The 1:10 Variant is a must grab as well.

STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES #1 – new stories with new characters introduced to the Star Wars time line. Again that 1:10 Variant is a must have.

FEAR CASE #1 – New series by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins. A new, horrific detective series by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins ! A no-nonsense Secret Service agent and his new-age partner investigate a mysterious box known as the ”Fear Case,” which has appeared throughout history at sites of disaster and tragedy. Whoever comes into possession of this case must pass it on within three days or face deadly consequences. The agents must track down this Fear Case while staying one step ahead of a psychotic cult and the otherwordly forces behind the Case’s existence.

GRAPHIC FANTASY #1 FACSIMILE ED – first appearance of Savage Dragon, then only known as “The Dragon” from Erik Larson’s self publishing days. Great Facsimile

GRAPHIC FANTASY #2 FACSIMILE ED – Second issue of Savage Dragon’s early appearance.

VENOM #33 – KIB continues, Eddie tries to crawl up from the after life.

STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC #2 – Hot new Star Wars series continues.

KING IN BLACK BLACK KNIGHT #1 – We have had some great spec on what could happen with Black Knight’s sword.

ALIEN #1 – great cover. anticipated storyline. Very please to have the franchise in Marvel’s hands.

SILK #1 Silk gets her own mini series. Great cover.

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    1. All the books are still available. Honestly it was a matter of timing. I still work my day job and sometimes I can’t get to it until later in the evening. There is a pre-Foc post that went up over the weekend as well.

    2. Damn, people bitch when we do before FOC and now they bitch after FOC.. it’s like damned we if do, damned if we don’t…

      Last I checked, CHU was free to access. Complaining about free is about as low as one gets if you ask me. It’s like complaining about the FREE continental breakfast at the hotel you stay at. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!

    1. are the books still available? yes. Sorry you didn’t like the timing of this one but there was another FOC post that was put up before hand. The point is the books are of interest and still available for pre-order. I do not see the issue.

  1. Thank you Anthony. I appreciate this post and I pre-ordered from TFAW a few of these titles that I completely forgot about.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for all the posts anything you can put up helps me to be aware of comics I can look for and choose or not choose to buy at FOC or after. I appreciate all that you at CHU do for the small group that enjoys your hardwork.

  3. I love the post whenever u make it. Just glad that someone with more inside makes good recs on things that may not be on my radar. Much appreciated.

    1. Yeah, it’s funny cause even post FOC, most of the links to where you can buy were available still. So does it really matter post FOC? They were still FOC picks despite being a bit late..

        1. How dare you have a actual day job to pay your actual bills! CHU is your first priority, you owe it to everyone so they can spec and make money from all your free information you post….

        2. I’ll take it either way. I don’t pre-order my books but I do send a list on Wed morning to have my LCS pull stuff and since they’re pretty good about ordering at least a couple of most Indy type books, I’m almost always good. I’m not saying criticism isn’t occasionally warranted and maybe once in awhile you guys could learn and evolve the site (oh yeah, you guys do that) from it but….for the most part CHU is one of the best sites for info out there. You guys are always killing it. I’ve been using the info on a weekly basis for quite some time. It’s hyped me to series I love I may have overlooked and given me TONS of tips/insight/info/knowledge on books to flip which has made me some coin back so I don’t have $50 a week coming only out of my pocket. Thanks.

  4. Speaking for myself I really appreciate all the work you guys do in making the site CHU the site it is.. Some people are just a**holes who do deserve a good bitch-slapping.

  5. Anthony, I really appreciate all the work you do to keep the site up to date. I know you do this because you love the hobby and you want to share your thoughts and ideas.

    It is too bad you got a bad apple. Judging by his comments, he doesn’t do his own homework, but waits for some one else to do it for free so he can copy it.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

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