Matt DiMasi’s Original ASM 300 Mosaic Up in Auction

Matthew DiMasi is the artist behind the Shattered Variants. The Shattered Variants are the comic covers that are recreations of original art work done in mosaic. His cover for Amazing Spider-Man #300 is up for sale at Heritage Auctions

The Shattered Variants have all been recreations of classic covers featuring a high resolution photo of one of Matthew’s hand created mosaics. He hand breaks tiles and attaches them over his pencil sketches making homages to original art work. His recreation of Amazing Spider-Man #300 went up for auction on Heritage Auctions.

If you haven’t seen his originals before, they are huge. Usually standing around 4 feet tall and weighing in around 70 pounds. This mosaic is signed by Matthew and also signed by Todd McFarlane, the original cover artist.

The bidding has reached $8500 with 3 days left to go.

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