One Week Later Report for February 10th, 2021

Welcome to the 6th One Week Later Report for 2021.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 02/03/2020, which was last week (for those having a hard time keeping up with the days being stuck at home still).

These can be books we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped and ended up as duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors..

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1 1:10 caught some heat initially with some pre-sales and a mixture of FOMO, some were buying this one around the $50 range. Things have settled down a bit and now you can find this selling for the 1:10 type of range around $15 or so.

Star Wars Adventures #3 had a pretty cool 1:10 Francavilla RI variant that’s flirting almost with the $20 range with a few going for $18. Some listings are asking $30. Still a great cover if you can find at cover price or a bit more, maybe flip for small profit.

The Amazing Spider-Man #55 2nd Print 1:50 Ratio Variant.  If you could snag at a lower price, then this turned out to be a nice flip (if that’s what you intended to do). This was hovering around the $100 price point and still is on a good day. There was plenty of regular second prints available but you likely won’t find this one sitting on the shelf, but if you can find for under $50, I’d say that’s a good deal..

Probably the surprise last week was the Encoded #1 from Devils Due. Indie publisher that is likely overlooked by most retailers with a little bit of demand + small print run/availability = goodiness. There was two covers and both are seeing sales as high as $30 a piece.

Maniac of New York #1 is not making you super rich but a few sales now approaching the $10 range, most are just a few bucks over cover though. The 1:15 if you were able to snag for cheap saw a more recent sold for $30.

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    1. Maybe. I’m not keen on error or controversial type of books. I wouldn’t pay a premium for that nonsense… but to each their own I suppose. I left it out because I just don’t want to bother with the whole controversy around it.

  1. inmortal hulk #43 is trash.and joe bennet is a clownshoe #testify joe bennet should be fired nuff said blind adam out

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